Halo 3 Team Hardcore to be added to Team Hardcore playlist in Halo MCC

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Halo 3 Team Hardcore to be added to Team Hardcore playlist in Halo MCC

August 16, 2015

By: Andrew Stretch


Halo: Master Chief Collection is continually getting updates and not just for stability anymore as the latest update is for the Team Hardcore playlist. For those who are unaware Team Hardcore is a more aggressive version of Team Slayer/Skirmish that has different starting weapon load outs as well as the motion sensors being disabled. Before this update the Team Hardcore playlist has only included Halo 2 editions of the Team Hardcore game type but now if you were to load up Team Hardcore then you might end up in a mix of Halo 2 and Halo 3 games.

In the Community Update that this change was brought up in it was pointed out that there are a lot of people that were happy being able to play Halo 2 Hardcore and might not be too keen on playing Halo 3 Hardcore and likewise that Halo 3 Hardcore fans might not want to play Halo 2 Hardcore. It was then explained that they would love to be able to have two separate playlists so that all of the fans could be happy but the two communities on their own just don't have big enough numbers to warrant this. Due to both Hardcore playlists having tournament ready players they are hoping that this will breed a positive community, regardless of the two communities differences.

Quick Take

Halo as a franchise has been doing a lot as of late to really promote the idea of it becoming a big competitive eSport, from the Halo Championship Series to  Halo 5's Arena but with this decision they have missed the mark. This might ruin the competitive flow if someone who is a fan of Halo 2 might quit the lobby when forced to play a game they don't want to. This means that that game will be played with uneven teams and lose any competitive element. I'm not exactly sure how the playlists work on the back end but trading off one for another might have been a smarter decision.

What do you think of the merging of Halo 2 and Halo 3 Team Hardcore? Do you think this will make you less likely to play Team Hardcore in the future?

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