Grindstone The Carnival of Creeps Update Out Today

Published: February 25, 2022 9:49 AM /



Capybara Games has announced that they are releasing their Grindstone The Carnival of Creeps update, which will includes the titular Carnival of Creeps, a carnival-themed area in Grindstone that has 15 levels, special mechanics, and a Teleporter Arrow item. Players will take Jorj or Jorja through the carnival to collect tickets, which can then be exchanged for spins on the prize wheel, which contains resources and gear blueprints.

In order to collect tickets, players will have to create chains that will slice through wooden or metal targets that are sprawled across the levels added in the Grindstone The Carnival of Creeps update. The higher the chain that you find, the more tickets you get. Wooden targets are destructible but metal targets will spring back up when struck, killing anyone who's unlucky enough to be there. Due to this, players must learn their patterns and use them to kill enemies but beware, you can be killed by them too. Once the tickets are gathered they can be used to spin the wheel of prizes. Each spin will cost 50 tickets or you can spend 450 tickets to hit the jackpot. The first jackpot contains the blueprint for the Teleporter Arrow and following jackpots contain a ton of rare resources.


As for the Teleporter Arrow, it will change strategies for even the most experienced players. It will allow players to fire at two different Creeps or items to make them swap places. You can use it to set up new chains, avoid danger, or get out of a difficult situation. 

In order to access the Grindstone The Carnival of Creeps update, be sure to go the bottom of the Grindstone Mountain for 100 Grindstones where players usually start.

Grindstone is now available on Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store, and Apple Arcade across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more information on everything gaming.




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