GreenWatch 22/05/2017 - Digital Homicide Return, Lord Kres, Fur Fun and more!

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For those discovering GreenWatch for the first time, GreenWatch is an ongoing series held on both TechRaptor and Digital Homicides covering anything going on with developers/groups/users in the Steam/Steam Greenlight community. With that small introduction done, let’s get into this week’s GreenWatch.

Digital Homicide's Return

Digital Homicide has become an infamous name amongst the Steam community for making games that the majority of which ended up receiving mostly negative reviews from Steam customers, they also attempted to sue 100 anonymous Steam users back in September, which resulted in Valve severing ties with the company, removing all of their games from Steam and Steam Greenlight, or so users thought.

Just over a week ago, for some reasons left unexplained, one of Digital Homicide's games mysteriously resurfaced onto Steam Greenlight, called "Not in my Crapper." as of the time of writing, the submission has been taken down, however the page's archive was made, along with documentation of the issue being made by YouTuber SidAlpha.

It is currently unknown how Digital Homicide circumvented their ban issued to them by Valve.

Lord Kres Banning Players Over Criticism


Some of you may remember the name Lord Kres as Lord Kres was the center of attention after controversy emerged over his title Journey of the Light in which people came out stating that the game promised to have a vast amount of levels in it, where in reality, it only contained one unbeatable level, which resulted in Valve pulling the game and issuing refunds.

Recently, Lord Kres has found himself angering the Steam community further, but this time with a different title of his called "Voxelized" which is currently on Steam Early Access, and it has been since March 2015.  Recently a user made a discussion post on Voxelized's forums, basically criticising Lord Kres for releasing the game too early as it has too little content. After the user posted that, he got banned by Lord Kres, and it resulted in the image linked circulating further around the internet, mainly having users focus on Kres' words in the ban reason box:

We make WHAT we want, we post what we want and we PUBLISH WHEN WE WANT. u get a 1 day ban for insulting devs. :)

Fur Fun Bans Continue

Fur Fun was at the center of controversy back in February this year after a great number of things were unveiled regarding the developer's behavior and alleged copyright infringement. But recently, something weird came up about the game on the Steam subreddit recently, and it centers again around the discussion bans issued to users. One user seemed to get banned for "Releasing classified sales information" of Fur Fun. Shortly after this was publicized, a Valve moderator called KillahInstinct came across the post in the subreddit and overturned the ban on the user.

We have reached out to Dalas, the user in question and the moderator for comment, but we've currently been met with silence from both Dalas and the original poster, however, the Valve moderator gave a public statement about the ban itself stating:

We generally don't interfere and let third parties run their hubs as they see fit, but we don't mind stepping in and teaching them if needed (for example, when a mistake has been made, the rules were too ambigious, or it's likely the dev/mod wasn't aware of certain things). We generally find it's not malicious intent, simply being overwhelmed by suddenly running a community (which can be very personal if it's your product).

Pixel Survival Craft Game Name Change

Recently, some users have been voicing anger over a game that has been on the Steam platform for over a year, the game in question is a game formerly known as Pixel Survival Craft Game, now changed to Pixel Z Gun Day. Upon release of the game, Pixel Survival Craft Game received almost universally negative reviews and coverage due to it being an asset flip of a project on the Unity store called UnitZ.

Information is taken from SteamDB:

For people unfamiliar with the term and usage of asset flipping, essentially a great number of video game engines, with prime examples being the Unity engine and the Unreal Engine, have asset stores accessible, which is a way for developers to buy either models, textures, animation or even completed projects, usually intended as a basis to build upon. However Steam has had releases of a number of games that simply use the asset packs and that's it, hence the developer has flipped the asset into a game.

It's from the criticisms of the game being a UnitZ asset flip that has made users accuse the developer of changing the name of the game so far into the release of the game in an attempt to hide the publicity the game got for being an asset flip, and with the game Uncrowded being removed from Steam, it left Pixel Survival Craft Game being the only full complete asset flip of UnitZ left on the Steam Store, despite others existing that make changes to the UnitZ asset in some way.

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