Gloomwood's Tavern Level Opens For Business

The dreaded Tavern has finally opened in sneaky immersive sim Gloomwood, and a deadly new foe stalks its rotten halls.

Published: December 22, 2022 9:24 AM /


A corpse lying in the new Tavern level in Gloomwood

There's a new place to explore along the moody streets of Gloomwood. The Tavern is a rickety, rotting old building that harbors a horrifying secret, one you'll need to confront if you want to escape with your wits intact. The game has also received a new difficulty level intended to make it a touch less punishing.

Gloomwood ventured into Early Access on September 6th, offering a first taste of its handcrafted immersive sim gameplay and setting inspired by Bloodborne and Thief. Now, a new update has added The Tavern, a level full of rooms and passageways to explore. Beware, though; the tavern is also home to "the deadliest foe you've yet to encounter", according to developer Dillon Rogers.

Unfortunately, said foe also has the key to get out of the tavern in question, so you'll need to take it from him. You can do so either by taking him down somehow or finding a way to steal it from him. Of course, if you prefer, you can simply try to avoid the tavern altogether. That might be best for your sanity.

A moody interior shot of the new Tavern level in Gloomwood
Gloomwood's new Tavern level hides many secrets.

In addition to the Tavern level, Gloomwood now has a new difficulty level, Crescent Moon, that's intended to drop the difficulty a little. Enemies should be easier to fight, resources should be more plentiful, and perhaps most importantly of all, the mode adds quicksaves as well.

You can quicksave by pressing F6 and quickload by pressing F9. If you want to add this to your higher-difficulty playthroughs, you can set the "AllowQuicksave" value in the user.ini file to 1, but this feature is only enabled by default in Crescent difficulty.

This update, which is Gloomwood's last for the year, is also adding new animations for the huntsman enemies, as well as new and improved voice lines, better mantling, and plenty more. You can read the full patch notes for the update right here, and it's worth doing so if you're planning on heading back into Gloomwood's terrifying world.

Gloomwood is available right now on PC via Steam Early Access. There's no full release date for the game just yet, but Dillon Rogers and publisher New Blood estimate that the game won't get a 1.0 version for "a year or two at least". If you're excited for this one, you might want to check it out sooner rather than later.

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