(Updated) Gloomwood Dev Promises Bloodborne-Inspired DLC If Dogecoin Reaches $1

Dillon Rogers says the potential DLC would be inspired by Bloodborne's The Old Hunters and Blood's Cryptic Passage

Published: January 29, 2021 12:04 PM /


A moody cityscape in Gloomwood

Update 29/01 2:40PM - Dave Oshry of New Blood Interactive has commented on Dillon Rogers' promise. Speaking to us directly via Twitter, Oshry said if Dogecoin does manage to reach $1, New Blood will "do whatever people want". Oshry further added the comment "$DOGE TO THE MOON", echoing the SatoshiStreetBets mantra. Here's hoping.

Original story follows below.

Dillon Rogers, the developer of stealth horror FPS Gloomwood, has promised to make extra DLC for the game if the cryptocurrency Dogecoin reaches a value of $1. Rogers says the DLC would be inspired by Bloodborne and old-school FPS Blood.

Will we see Bloodborne-inspired DLC for Gloomwood?

This news comes to us via Rogers' official Twitter account. In a tweet, Rogers says Gloomwood will get a DLC "inspired by Blood's Cryptic Passage and Bloodborne's The Old Hunters" if the Dogecoin cryptocurrency hits $1. He goes on to implore his followers not to "tell Dave [possibly Szymanski or Oshry of publisher New Blood Interactive] I made this promise he'll be mad lol". It's not entirely clear whether Rogers is being totally serious here or whether it's a frivolous remark.

Dogecoin was originally conceived by two software engineers who wanted to create a currency that was free from banking fees. The two chose the classic Shiba Inu "Doge" meme as the currency's logo and named it Dogecoin. Just like the ongoing Gamestop stock debacle, a group of Redditors - this time in the SatoshiStreetBets subreddit - conspired to send Dogecoin skyrocketing, claiming they could propel the currency "to the moon". Right now, it's looking unlikely that Dogecoin will hit $1; even with the increase in interest, the currency's all-time high stands at around 8 cents, and it's since dropped to around 5 cents. Of course, given the Gamestop situation, anything is possible, and only a couple of days ago the cryptocurrency wasn't even worth 1 cent per coin.

The situation has become so frantic that the Robinhood stock trading app has halted sales of cryptocurrency after Dogecoin soared 300%. This comes not long after the app stopped people from trading in Gamestop shares, drawing ire from the trading community. It looks like the Reddit stock trading saga is far from over, but it's worth noting that percentage points don't equal huge values. Dogecoin has never been especially worth much, so a leap of 300% sounds like more than it is.

What could we expect from the Gloomwood DLC?

The sources of inspiration for Gloomwood's DLC are fairly in keeping with the game's tone. Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC pack fills in some of the game's narrative gaps and pits players against a couple of legendary hunters (spoilers at a minimum). The Cryptic Passage expansion pack for Blood takes place in the Carpathian mountains and sees Caleb searching for an ancient scroll that could upset the balance of the world.

A boss in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC, which could inspire a Gloomwood DLC
This cheery chap could inspire a Gloomwood DLC if Dogecoin reaches $1 in value.

It's not clear how Rogers intends to take inspiration from The Old Hunters or Cryptic Passage, and we likely won't get any more details until the DLC's existence is actually confirmed. Given that it seems unlikely Dogecoin will hit $1, we're really, really hoping that this DLC materializes whether or not the cryptocurrency can outperform expectations. We'll bring you more on this as soon as we get it.

Would you play a Gloomwood DLC inspired by Bloodborne and Blood? Let us know in the comments below!

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