Gloomwood Early Access Release Date Pushed Back

Gloomwood's early access release date has been delayed by three weeks, meaning we must survive without the horror-survival game just a bit longer

Published: August 2, 2022 6:49 PM /


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The developers of Gloomwood, Dillon Rogers, and David Szymanski have announced that the early access release will be delayed by three more weeks. They state that this is due to some "unforeseen game development issues that have cropped up over the last few months". 

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The dark and twisted tale of survival in a haunted Victorian city, Gloomwoodwill not be released this month as we once thought. The demo of this game had players chomping at the bit for more content, and though the game has seen a slight delay, the developers have a good reason. They state that The Gloom, what they have decided to call COVID-19, has stricken the workplace, and made it hard for them to develop the game to their standards within the initial timeframe. 

The date is not being pushed too far back, as it is set to release on September 6, 2022, for early access. They reference the harrowing "Immersive-Sim curse" may be real, which seems to have taken grasp of the developers game, but they claim that they will power through and be victorious. Basically, they are saying that they have hit quite a few speedbumps during the creation of this game, and though things may seem grim right now, they will turn around for the better, and the devs will finally be able to release the awaited horror game that fans are thrilled about. 

The developers go on to state that this will also give them more time to give Gloomwood a fresh coat of paint so to speak, meaning they will have more time to polish it up and keep it up to their extremely high standards prior to its release. 

Speaking of their high standards, they also mention that their other game that is currently in early access, ULTRAKILL, will be reaching its second phase on August 16, 2022, which is extremely exciting. This game is a bit different from Gloomwood, as it is a bloodbath of a first-person shooter that looks like a mix of Doom and Call of Duty with a dash of old-timey graphics, and it is just great to see. With its extremely fast-paced combat and high-stakes environments, it is definitely one to add to your list of games if you haven't already. 

To read their full statement on Gloomwood's Early Access release date, check out their Steam page

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