Giphy Arcade Makes Memes Into Interactive Fun

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Giphy Arcade Makes Memes Into Interactive Fun

October 17, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams


The Giphy Arcade is here and it's a pretty cool creation from the finest purveyors of Internet memes. Utilizing several basic templates, pretty much anyone will be able to make their own simple games on the Internet and share them.

Partnerships with a few big-name creators serve as headlining games for the Giphy Arcade. As an example, NASA has chipped in with its own version of asteroids featuring a dabbing astronaut. Just imagine — your tax dollars have, in some small part, contributed towards making this happen. Money well spent, I'd say!

Fast food chain (and social media sensation) Wendy's has also contributed a game of their own called Wendy's World, featuring the same artstyle from their recently-announced role-playing game Feast of Legends.

This might all sound pretty complex, but it turns out that making these games is a relatively simple endeavor.

Giphy Arcade templates
Several templates are used as the basis for creating custom games.

Making Games With Giphy Arcade

All of the games created with Giphy Arcade are based on one of ten different templates. These templates include endless runners, SHMUPS, Flappy Bird-style games, and more.

Making a game is a pretty straightforward process.

  1. Select a template.
  2. Pick out "sticker" images for the sprites (hundreds of which are available on the site).
  3. Choose a background.
  4. Pick your music.
  5. And that's it!

Once your game is created, you can immediately play it. You can also, of course, share it online for other people to enjoy.

Granted, the games in the Giphy Arcade are remarkably simple, but this seems like a fun game creation tool that pretty much anyone can use. A creative application of the right images and music are sure to spawn some interesting creations. You can see what's available (and maybe even make your own game) over at the Giphy Arcade.

What do you think of the Giphy Arcade? Do you like game creation engines like this or do you prefer something with a little more complexity? Let us know in the comments below!

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