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Feast of Legends is a New Tabletop Game From... Wendy's?

Published: October 4, 2019 7:01 AM



Fast-food hamburger chain Wendy's has released their very own tabletop role-playing game called Feast of Legends. No, you are not having a stroke. No, am not having a stroke either. Yes, they actually made a Wendy's RPG.

In our increasingly-weird world, marketers are trying all sorts of new approaches to build brand power. The geniuses who work for Wendy's decided that the best way to invest some of their marketing dollars was to create a full-fledged tabletop RPG. This isn't some 5-page one-shot, either — the Feast of Legends RPG is a full-fledged, 97 page Core Rulebook.


Feast of Legends and the World of Beef's Keep

The Wendy's RPG takes place in the land of Beef's Keep, which is most succinctly described by this quote from the game's website:

Beef’s Keep is a wide open world waiting for you to explore it. Make the world your own, expand your adventure, and most importantly, buy Wendy’s. Wait, we meant to say have fun. Also, buy Wendy’s.

Players will take on the role of the mighty warriors of Freshtovia, the sole defenders of Beef's Keep. The Ice Jester and his villainous frozen friends are threatening Queen Wendy and her kingdom filled with delicious hamburgers. It's up to you and your friends to save them!


Welcome to Freshtovia, May I Take Your Order?

The land of Freshtovia is defended by various Orders, each of which specializes in a different form of combat.

The Order of the Chicken specializes in rogueish behavior and features such luminous heroes as the Order of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and the Order of the Asiago Ranch Chicken Club.


The Order of the Beef, unsurprisingly, is filled with "large and beefy warriors". Mastering such skills as  "Last-night Craving" and "Two Beef Patties", they'll serve as fine frontline soldiers in your battle against the frozen hordes.

Of course, Feast of Legends wouldn't be much of a tabletop RPG without wizards, and that's where the Order of the Sides comes in. Wielding power spells like "Big Spoon" and "Applewood Smoke Bomb", the powerful casters of the Order of the Sides will rain down fresh (but never frozen) death on your enemies.

Yes, The Wendy's RPG is a Real Thing

No, this is not a Kekraptor. Yes, Wendy's actually made a full-fledged tabletop role-playing game. This is our second recent game from a fast-food company, the other one being the KFC dating sim I Love You, Colonel Sanders. (Yes, that's real, too.)

Getting real for a moment — this largely appears to be a modification of standard Dungeons & Dragons-style rules and all of the character classes are only covered up to Level 5. D&D campaigns can go all the way up to Level 30 (or higher, if you want to homebrew some rules), but their pace largely depends on how fast the DM wants the players to progress.


If you'd like to play this totally real game made by a fast food company, you can find out more about Feast of Legends at its official website. You can check out the trailer for this game — yes, they made a trailer, too — below. (Also, buy Wendy's.)

What do you think of Feast of Legends? Are you interested in playing the Wendy's RPG with your friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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