Game Streaming Platform Utomik Adds Achievements, “Add to List” Feature

Published: December 14, 2018 10:25 PM /



Everybody loves subscription services. Netflix, GamePass, Hulu, and other platforms have proven this. Digital game distribution network Utomik is looking to capture that market with its subscription-based monthly streaming offering.

Utomik caters to those with slow internet speeds. In fact, the platform prides itself on “playing games fast”. Unlike Steam, Utomik downloads chunks of the game in parts, allowing you to play after one piece is ready.

The idea is similar to OnLive from back in the day or PlayStation Now. However, those services are purely cloud-based and rely on streaming. What makes Utomik different is it can “predict which rules you’ll need,” according to a report from VentureBeat.

“A big part of why we believe Utomik will be a success is our different market approach,” claims Chris van der Linden, product director of Utomik. “Instead of bringing games to the living room or letting users play games on an old PC, Utomik is targeting gamers that like to play games, but maybe have little time. People who value ease of use and accessibility.” der Linden goes on, claiming that current streaming platforms are not successful due to low render quality. That and these companies are paying way too much for these servers.

utomik client image front
One of these has to appeal to you.

The platform features 850 games as of this writing. Untomik brings in new games every month. Current offerings included titles such as Batman: Arkham City, Borderlands, and Metro: Last Light. It’s partnered with big names such as SEGA, THQ Nordic, Warner Bros. Games, and more.

Now, as if to directly targeting Steam, Utomik added achievements and an “Add to List” feature for streamlining the player experience. Achievements are available now for most recent releases, while older games will see support as time goes on. Clicking “Add to List” on a title will curate a catalog of different games available to play at any time.

Interested users can start a 14-day free trial now, while those looking to upgrade can pay $6.99/month for themselves or $9.99/month for a 4-user family plan.