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The Game Awards 2018 -- Survived By Nets a New Trailer

December 7, 2018

By: Kyle Johnson


As part of The Game Awards 2018, Human Head Studios has pushed forward a new trailer for their new multiplayer roguelike game Survived By. Showcasing some of the co-operative multiplayer action, Survived By looks like a blend of classic games Rogue Legacy and Realm of the Mad GodSurvived By entered into Steam Early Access yesterday, and is free to play, with optional supporter packs available for purchase.

While offering a whole host of challenging bosses in a multiplayer setting, Survived By still comes with the genre-defining permadeath. However, death is not the end for your lineage, as new characters will come with talents and skills based on their predecessors. With many varieties of characters to play as, every new death opens up new playstyles and opportunities. You can check out Survived By on Steam now.

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