Former Lionhead Devs Bring Fable Card Game to Kickstarter

Published: May 30, 2016 3:59 PM /


Fable Fortune

Update: Fable Fortune's Kickstarter has launched, with a much more detailed breakdown of what the game is, and how it will be played. The campaign has a number of tiers and stretch goals, and the campaign makes a point to say that the Kickstarter's goal will enable Flaming Fowl to make to Closed Beta - but that there is the possibility that external funding may be needed after that depending on how much money is pledged. 

You can read more about Fable Fortune, and Flaming Fowl's plans for the game on the Kickstarter Page.

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Original Story:

Today, we found that despite the closing of Lionhead Studios, Fable will continue to live on through some of the former team members who worked on the storied franchise. Revealed by IGN, the newly formed indie studio - Flaming Fowl Studios, is set to continue the creation of a digital free-to-play card game that Lionhead was creating. While Microsoft has given the team its blessing to use the Fable name in the branding of the game, the lack of publisher has them looking to Kickstarter for funding.

The game will launch on Kickstarter tomorrow (May 31st, 2016) at 10am EST with a goal of £250,000 - and the team already has a number of stretch goals planned for the project. According to Flaming Fowl, they expect the game to be ready for closed beta within a few weeks of the end of the campaign, and a full release in early 2017.

You're probably asking yourself - so what is Fable Fortune? If you're familiar with Hearthstone, then no doubt you'll get the basics of this new game - players are given a choice of eight heroes that will alter your deck as you use it to bring your opponent's health to zero. But, the team plans to offer new twists to the genre to make the game a much different experience from what players are used to.

With plans to offer an engaging 3D design, co-op themed battles against AI bosses, a leveling system for individual cards, and Trophy Cards for the player who plays second - they seek to create a unique experience in a highly derivative genre. Of course, the game isn't just Fable in name, either - bringing characters, locations, and even jokes that players will be familiar with into the game. This game will be a further extension of the lore and experience that you've come to love from Fable. The team even wants to incorporate in-game quests to the game's format - allowing you to make choices (good or evil) that will transform your hero, powers, or cards based on your choices!

This isn't the game's final form, though. The developers plan to work with fans throughout the Kickstarter to make it so much more than they have planned now. Starting ideas for expansion include draft-style play, 2v2 PvP modes, single player campaigns and more. Players who back the campaign will also have access to closed forums to discuss features they'd love to see.

Fable Fortune was originally pitched by Mike West, now one of Flaming Fowls founders, 8 years ago and originally began development in 2014. According to IGN's sources as well, Fable Fortune was part of the reason that Microsoft was unwilling to sell Lionhead with the Fable IP included.

The Kickstarter campaign goes live tomorrow, and you can find out more about the new studio at their Official Site. We'll make sure to update this with the link when the campaign goes live.

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