First Shapez 2 Gameplay Trailer Looks Insanely Satisfying

Published: August 16, 2023 9:49 AM /


A massive shape-producing factory in Shapez 2

Developer tobspr Games and publisher Gamera have released the very first Shapez 2 gameplay trailer.

If you're not familiar with Shapez, it's a sort of meditative factory sim with shades of popular games like Factorio and Coffee Stain's Satisfactory about it.

Shapez 2 is the followup to that game, and although the developer has been releasing dev diaries about the creation process behind this new project for a while, we've now got our first glimpse of gameplay.

As you can imagine, Shapez 2 is looking pretty satisfying, especially if you're already a fan of the kind of mechanical zen state factory sims can put you into. Here's the trailer in all its cathartic glory.

Your goal in Shapez 2 is pretty simple: create a factory in which shapes can be processed into different forms.

Every shape has its own bespoke set of blocks, and levels will challenge you to process those shapes in different ways, with complexity increasing as you play.

You'll need to "learn, improve, and optimize" your design process if you want to arrive at the most efficient solution possible for each of Shapez 2's geometric challenges.

According to a press release, Shapez 2's gameplay will be more accessible and intuitive than that of its predecessor, and there will be a greater degree of replayability, too, thanks to a newly-implemented research tree.

In addition, Shapez 2 is entirely in 3D, unlike its predecessor, so you'll be able to see your creations from different angles and build on different layers.

New mechanics include a blueprint library, fluids, and trains, so even if you mastered the first game, there should be plenty of new stuff here for you to get your head around.

Shapez 2 is set to launch on Steam via Early Access sometime next year. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more on this one.


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