First Person Puzzler Aporia: Beyond the Valley Gets Release Date

Published: June 22, 2017 6:59 PM /


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In May, Nordic content producer Investigate North announced their experimental PC puzzle game Aporia: Beyond the Valley. Now they have revealed a release date for the title.  Puzzle gamers can expect the mysterious game on July 19th. You can watch a walkthrough with the developer below.

Created in CryEngine the game captures an interesting world with a new story and puzzle mechanics. Investigate North is chaired by Ole Søndberg, the producer of Wallander and The With The Dragon Tattoo. He saw the potential in an experimental puzzle game to tell an engaging story and that’s just what Aporia sets out to do.

Aporia: Beyond the Valley begins with players waking after hundred of years of sleep. The once thriving mystical world of Ez’rat Qin has now crumbled to ruins and you have no memory of your past. It’s then up to you to discover not only who you are but what happened to Ez’rat Qin.

The first person puzzle game has a lovely aesthetic and immersive gameplay Taking a novel approach to storytelling, the plot will unfold non-linearly with absolutely no dialogue. The story driven experience will present players with difficult choices that will affect the fate of the world and end of the game.

Aporia: Beyond the Valley

As players explore the environment of strange nature, ancient technology, and a haunted fog-covered forest they’ll be presented with clever puzzles and the mystery of this civilization. Puzzles will vary in difficulty ranging from avoiding traps set to ward off intruders to brain-bending tests.

Published by Green Man Gaming,  Aporia: Beyond the Valley can be pre-purchased on Steam, Green Man Gaming, and Humble Bundle. Signing up for the game’s newsletter will get you a voucher for 50% off. It will be available to play on July 19, 2017. Visit the official website here for more information about the game.

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