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climate change gaming

A climate change gaming partnership has been announced by the United Nations. Sony, Microsoft, Google, and a boatload of other gaming publishers and developers will be working together to reduce

Pride Run

Green Man Gaming has announced a new rhythm game in honor of Pride, and in particular the London Pride Parade. The new title, Pride Run has players in control of their own pride parade, and they must

green man gaming birthday sale 2019 encore

You thought the Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale 2019 was over, but it was me, Dio! but you still have one more day to get some fantastic deals! Some of the biggest discounts yet are making a return

green man gaming birthday sale 2019 day 8

Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale 2019 Day 8 is here! Today's deals include a few great games that you can really sink your teeth into —and it won't break the bank to get them, either. Two games from

green man gaming birthday sale 2019 - day 6

The Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale 2019 Day 6 deals are here! We're almost a week into the sale celebrating the nine-year anniversary of digital game retailer Green Man Gaming and the deals have been

green man gaming birthday sale 2019 - day 5

The Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale Day 5 is here! Today's deals include the lowest-ever prices for some of the games in the Life is Strange franchise, a wonderful indie adventure game that features

green man gaming birthday sale

My, how time passes — digital gaming retailer Green Man Gaming has been around for nine years! They've had a pretty good track record for offering up some great discounts — what better way to

Uplay Ubisoft Announces Partnership With Genba For A Silent Key Activation Scheme Against Grey Market

Genba Digital is a tech developer from the UK whose killer app is what they call a game-changing digital distribution activation system. Dubbed the Silent Key Activation, it aims to be the future of

stainless games green man gaming

A Stainless Games and Green Man Gaming partnership has been announced via a press release. This publishing and development partnership will see the creation of a brand-new unnamed intellectual

green man gaming holiday sale

The Green Man Gaming Holiday Sale is here and it has some pretty good deals in it! Green Man Gaming is still going strong and they're back with their best seasonal sale yet. As we usually do, we've

black friday assassin's creed odyssey market

Black Friday 2018 is upon us, and you know what that means: scores and scores of deals galore. Nobody loves an excuse for a good sale like digital PC gaming retailers, but there's a whole lot of

green man gaming black friday deals 2017

Green Man Gaming's Black Friday Sale is live and ends on the 28th. There are a ton of games on sale, with some seeing discounts as high as 90%. As always, there's a voucher you can add on top for an

Green Man Gaming Halloween Sale 2017

The 2017 Green Man Gaming Halloween Sale is now live! Crack open your wallets and have a gander at some of the games on offer. First things first, do remember that you can save an additional 15%

green man gaming summer sale gmg 2017

Green Man Gaming has started up its summer sale with a pre-sale, a "Warm Up," focused on indie games. There are hundreds of games on sale and each day will feature a "Flash Sale" of particular games

Aporia Header

In May, Nordic content producer Investigate North announced their experimental PC puzzle game Aporia: Beyond the Valley. Now they have revealed a release date for the title.  Puzzle gamers can expect

Green Man Gaming Logo

Green Man Gaming is gearing up for a major celebration for E3 this year. As part of the festivities surrounding gaming's biggest announcements, Green Man Gaming is going to be offering consumers full

GMG Deals May 19 2017

Everyone likes to think about getting the newest big releases, but sometimes things aren't always great that way. It does mean that you get the option of waiting for a sale, but the trend of launch

Aporia Header

Green Man Gaming is publishing Investigate North’s upcoming puzzle game Aporia: Beyond the Valley. This is the developer’s second project following their online found-footage mystery game Cloud

GMG Deals 42117

It's the end of the week and that brings with the opportunity to pick up more games at a discount if you've been waiting for different games to get to low prices. This week some recent releases and


As we approach the weekend we have a chance to look at some of Green Man Gaming's deals for the weekend, with several major releases standing out on discounts from the UK retailer if you're looking

GMG Deals 31717

With all the great deals on games these days, and myriad number of places to look, we want to bring as many of the deals as we can directly to you! We've assembled this handy guide to all of the best

GMG Deals Mar 13

With all the great deals on games these days, it can be hard to know where to look, so that's why we at TechRaptor have assembled this handy guide to all of the best deals going on this week on our

Green Man Gaming Deals 2-24

There's never a shortage of deals that you can find around the web, especially when it comes to the PC Platform. TechRaptor grabs a few here and there, which we post on our DealRaptor Twitter account

Castle of Illusion 2

Update: DLgamer has given a response to a user on NeoGAF about the situation after speaking with Sega. Sega just answered us. It's an issue on Genba side which are managing all Steam code have

press kit image from Battlefield 1

Green Man Gaming has apologized to users who have ordered Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 only to find that their keys were invalid as reported by Eurogamer. The issues are highlighted by a pair of


Green Man Gaming has partnered with Sony US to bring digital content for the PlayStation 4 to their store according to a press release. Digital versions of select PlayStation 4 titles are now

greenman gaming

It seems that Green Man Gaming, a popular online game store, is not able to supply the demand people have for Star Wars: Battlefront. A user on Reddit received an email from the company saying that

Shoestring Gaming

Welcome once again to Shoestring Gaming, where we find all the sales across the Internet so you don't have to do the research yourself. Pick from a selection of games currently on sale or take a look

Shoestring Gaming

Welcome one and all to Shoestring Gaming, where we lay out the best deals of the week for readers who want the best games without having to pay for them. New this week is a review of some of the best

Wild Hunt Key Art Witcher 3

Update: CD Projekt Red replied saying that they are not commenting on the situation. If you've been anywhere near the internet in the last 24 hours or so, you know that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is