Fangame MOTHER 4 Rebrands as Oddity

Published: January 2, 2020 3:38 PM /


The title reveal for Oddity, formerly known as MOTHER 4

The team behind the ambitious fangame MOTHER 4 has rebranded their game with a new trailer. Now titled Oddity, the game promises a surreal urban fantasy RPG set in the '70s.

Originally beginning development in 2009, Oddity began life as a fanmade entry in the MOTHER/EarthBound series of RPGs. The game has seen a good bit of development hell during that time. One major hurdle was creative differences with then up-and-coming musical artist Shane Mesa (which have since been resolved.) The release date has been pushed back several times due to behind-the-scenes problems such as these.

In March 2017, the team made an official decision to completely remove any association with the MOTHER games. At the time, Nintendo's lawyers were going after fangames like AM2R and Pokemon Uranium. The series' PSI powers are now called VOX (Voice Operated Switch,) the UI got a major shift, and the strange yet friendly Mr. Saturns are no more. Not everything has changed, though. Observant viewers might notice the Modern Mind enemy from the original release trailer.

The plot synopsis from the old MOTHER 4 website describes the plot:

Mother 4 follows the journey of three kids and the leader of a biker gang. With dark rumors of "Modern Men" running wild, these unassuming heroes set out to uncover the truth, no matter how dangerous. From bustling urban streets to secret volcano bases, all kinds of oddball thugs and impossible monsters stand in their way... but everything should be okay if they don't forget to write home!

Oddity will be out when it's ready. If you want to hear some of the music, you can hear Shane Mesa's songs (including some cut songs such as 'Battle Against a Familiar Foe' which used EarthBound sound samples and would have been used with returning enemies) on the 'Mother 4 Soundtraaaack!!' on iTunes.

What's cut/changed?

  • No returning MOTHER/EarthBound enemies or characters.
  • Various songs have been removed, including remixes of MOTHER music and 'Battle Against a Familar Foe'.
  • The psychic powers MOTHER is known for have been replaced with VOX, an original power.
  • Combat features timing-based commands, but have ditched the rhythm-based inputs from MOTHER 3 (where pressing A to the beat of the music lets you attack more than once in a single attack.)
  • UI changes to make the game look less like MOTHER and more like an original '70s-themed game.

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