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Explore the Beautiful World of Airborne Kingdom in Fall

June 13, 2020

By: Austin Suther

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December 17,2020 (Calendar)
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During the PC Gaming Show today, we learned that the airship-based game Airborne Kingdom will release later this year in Fall 2020.

Airborne Kingdom, which is an Epic Games Store exclusive, is developed by The Wandering Band. It is both an exploration game, in which you use planes to navigate a unique, stone tile-like landscape, as well as grow and build your own floating city. The cities have clockwork-like exteriors and float via large propellers, making for a unique and stylized game. See the trailer below:


On Airborne Kingdom's Epic Games Store page, it says "Grow your clan, develop technologies, and uncover lost kingdoms." Additionally, screenshots show ground areas with cities that you are also likely able to expand.

You can pre-purchase this title at a 20 percent discount on the Epic Games Store. Its current price is $19.99, but without the discount is is $24.99. This offer remains in effect for a week. Look out for Airborne Kingdom later this year.


Quick Take

Sure, I wrote the article on this announcement, but I feel like this is one of my most anticipated announcements from the show. I really did fall in love with the style of this title. There's some clear Middle Eastern influence here, which is a culture rich with amazing architecture. The tile-like ground in Airborne Kingdom is a really unique and interesting style. I remember in my newspaper days, I did an article on an individual who visited Uzbekistan. He was fascinated by the tiles on the city streets and how much artistry was put into each one. I kind of get this feeling with Airborne Kingdom, too.

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