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December 17, 2020 (Calendar)
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Build a city among the clouds in Airborne Kingdom, a brand new strategy-simulation game from The Wandering Band. 

Construct your own unique sky city, by building housing, maintaining lift and balance weight, and managing your fuel reserves. Satisfy the needs of your city as you steadily explore the landscape, with changes in every playthrough. Search for resources while finding long-lost technologies, while building trade routes and finding artifacts for the kingdoms on the ground. 

Can you guide the world into an era of prosperity, or will it be in vain as your city in the sky falters and crashes to earth?

Airborne Kingdom is available on the PC and Mac systems. 


Developer Quote

In Airborne Kingdom, a city-building game like no other, players will assume control over their own unique sky city, building and managing a kingdom in the clouds even as they work to maintain lift and explore the furthest reaches of a mysterious landscape below, known only as The Barrens. Leading and advancing a civilization high above the earth is no easy feat, and players will seek to unlock the lost technologies of the Ancients in order to restore harmony to the world and build bridges between peoples separated long ago. For The Wandering Band –a small and ambitious team including visionary developer Ben Wander (A Case of Distrust), art director Chee Fong, engineer Fred Gareau, and production veteran Zach Mumbach –Airborne Kingdomis a truly dramatic leap forward.
A gorgeously rendered and inviting strategizer that exists at the intersection of high fantasy and construction/management simulation, it represents not only a daring mash-up of beloved genres but a vision of that most sought-after variable in gaming: something new