E3 2015 - Xbox One new dashboard

Published: June 15, 2015 9:21 PM /


Xbox One new dash

On top of all that has already been announced by Microsoft they aren't done yet as a new dashboard layout was just announced. The priority of this update is speed and ease of use. This update is going to be something that releases to the general public during the fall of this year. As well as the new look there will also be many different functionality changes coming to the Xbox One dash.

The new layout has you navigating between all of the usual tabs by scrolling up and down instead of left to right as most Xbox One users are used it. Going to the left on the dash now gets you to all of the snap apps such as friends, achievements and party but instead of snapping to the side instead the social apps will slide over your current games. This over layer not only happens through the main dashboard menu but also when playing games so as to not remove you from the experience.

Hey Cortana
Instead of interrupting your game Cortana allows you to do everything and not lose focus on the road ahead!

One last feature that was discussed with the new Xbox One dashboard is the intergration with Cortana, the digital assistant for Windows 10 devices. Cortana will allow you to communicate and interact with the Xbox One in a more natural one whether it be asking if friends are online or even to record a set amount of gameplay and post it somewhere.

What do you think of the new dashboard update? Are you excited for the speed that is promised with it?


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