Duke Nukem Leaving GOG December 31

Published: December 28, 2015 9:43 AM /


GOG News

GOG has announced today that the Duke Nukem games are leaving their service, presumably due to Gearbox preferring to sell them on other platforms. That's not to say they'll leave your shelf if you have them-they won't- but instead people will be unable to purchase it starting in the new year from GOG. To help say farewell to the Duke, GOG is holding the Farewell for now, Duke sale, where you can get the games on the platforms as a bundle at 90% off or 75% off individually.

GOG has 4 Duke Nukem games, with the first two titles Duke Nukem 1 & 2 being on there that brought the Duke to everyone's attention with his time traveling run-n-gunning devil may care attitude. They also had one of the prime early 3D releases with the well known Duke Nukem 3D that brought camp and witty one-liners to the third dimension. Then for some unknown reason they released Balls of SteelDuke Nukem pinball game - because when you think Duke, you think of balls. Last, but not least, is Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project the most modern of the games being released in 2002 as a sidescrolling platforming shooter that managed to translate Duke Nukem into more modern era forever better then some Duke Nukem titles did.

The other news is that classic point and click adventure game Dragonsphere will no longer be free on their store come the new year. Released on Steam in 2014 as another partnership between Retroism and Night Dive Studios, it appears the agreement with the previous rightsholder is expiring and that come January 1st it will also cost $5.99 to pick up on GOG. In Dragonsphere you play as the newly crowned King of Callahach and it's been twenty years since your father saved the world by stopping the evil sorcerer. Now, with that magic fading it is your turn to step up and defend the world from the evil magic and deadly monsters. While not as well known as the Lucas Arts or Sierra adventure games, Dragonsphere delivers a game in a similar vein as those mid-90s adventure games that is available for free; at least for the next few days on GOG.

Will you be picking up Duke Nukem on sale? Have you played Dragonsphere? What do you think of new rights holders pulling games from GOG or raising the price? Share your thoughts below!