Dolls Nest is Like Armored Core but With Customizable Mecha Anime Girls

Japanese developer Nitro Plus is developing Dolls Nest, a 3D action game for PC via Steam that is basically Armored Core with mecha anime girls.

Published: February 11, 2024 4:02 PM /


The Key Art and logo of Dolls Nest

Following a tease in October, Japanese developer Nitro Plus officially unveiled its new 3D action mecha game Dolls Nest. 

The game is coming at some point in 2024 for PC via Steam (the official page has just been opened for your wishlisting pleasure) and it'll include an English localization, albeit voices will be exclusively in Japanese.

The game is defined as a "3D Customization Action" game, with the concept and direction by artist Ota Yojo and visuals by Nitro Arts.

A screenshot of Dolls Nest

The reveal is accompanied by the first full trailer of the game, focusing on the story and on a bit of the action which you can watch below. 

The game lets you control a mecha girl named "Frame Unit" as she explores the massive factory world of Hod while trying to unveil the truth behind the abandoned ruins. 

Hod is a massive crater full of armored units, broken machines, and ruins as far as the eye can see. The player is forced to scavenge for parts to survive and overcome the trials before them. 

Customization is a big part of the game, including plenty of different parts like rocket engines, weapons of all kinds, and even quadruped legs to adapt your mecha girls to every situation. It's important to use energy tactically, as it's required to use weapons and dodge in combat. If you run out, your mecha girls will be a sitting duck until it recharges.

As you explore Hod, you'll have to defeat the boss of every area to discover new ones, while also watching the story unfold. 

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