Dog Shelter Sim To The Rescue Clears Kickstarter Goal in Two Days

Published: August 10, 2019 4:02 PM /



One of Kickstarter's new favorite games is a game about caring for dogs in a dog shelter. The game, To the Rescue!, hopes to have an impact on real-life animal shelters by raising awareness of their challenges.

How can you say no to helping dogs?


To the Rescue tasks players with running a dog shelter and taking on all of the challenges that entail. Players will have to care for the dogs, deal with their unique personalities, and help them find their forever homes. Running the shelter also means being a part of the community. You'll have to hold events, educate your visitors, and find people to help you foster dogs.

To the Rescue is being made by Little Rock Games, a group of friends from Little Rock, Arkansas. These people are Kickstarter veterans, who ran a successful Kickstarter for the card game Galactic Scoundrels. This is their first digital game, but the Kickstarter page and trailer for To The Rescue show that they seem to know what they're doing. Under 'risks and challenges' they state that most of the key features are already in the game. The campaign's goal is to get them over the finish line.

A big part of To The Rescue's goal is to raise awareness and support for real-life animal shelters across America. Little Rock Games is planning to donate 20% of all profits from the game's post-release sales to various real animal shelters. One less fun fact about their devotion to raising awareness of real-life shelters is the fact the euthanasia is a feature in the game. In the FAQ, Little Rock Games says that "No one ever wants to have to euthanize. But since we want to raise awareness, we don’t want to pretend that it’s not potentially part of the job." Fortunately, players can opt-out of this mechanic in the full release.


While the release date for To The Rescue is unknown, the Kickstarter ends September 3rd. You can visit the game's Steam page here.

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