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Destiny The Taken King

Welcome to the December event for Destiny, it's 3 weeks of pro-sparrow racing with the Sparrow Racing League. This is a brand new take on Destiny as you put away your guns and race around a couple of tracks for some rewards. As with most of these events on top of rewards there's also a new quest line to show if you have what it takes to be a sparrow racer.

To start racing you need to make sure the you have the latest update downloaded and head over to the Halliday in the ship hanger at the tower. She will give you your quest to qualify in the Sparrow Racing League or SRL for short. While you're there also be sure to pick up the SRL bounties from her. To actually begin a sparrow race you just need to head to orbit and look at the lower left hand side of your screen where the daily and weekly events are and it will be farthest on the left.

Destiny SRL Really Close
Some races can be close.... like REALLY close

The races are set up as 6 player matches between Guardians and their sparrows. The tracks are on both Venus and Mars and have such hazards as pitfalls, rotating windmill blades, and even Vex and Cabal on their respective worlds. You will be taking three different laps around the course before the race is over. The real trick to the races isn't just how well you avoid hazards but how well you are able to maneuver through the race gates. These race gates not only give you a boost but increase your max speed. Each gate you pass through will also give your sparrow some more fuel, this can be used for strafing and manual boosting called overdrive. You can also regain fuel from performing tricks.

The quests that you are given from Holliday begin with Class C racing and move up until Class S. At each of these four levels you get a different rewards. The rewards are as follows:

  • C Class - EV40 Snowscream Sparrow
  • B Class - Legendary Boots/Gauntlets
  • A Class - Legendary Chest Armor
  • S Class - Legendary Helmet

To complete these different quest levels you'll have to complete objectives like clearing a certain amount of gates in a single race, or finish in top spots.

Destiny SRL In Race
A full racing experience built within Destiny

To ensure that you stand the best chance at taking the top poll positions we've formulated up a couple of tips:

  • Be sure to use both sticks when maneuvering your sparrow, the controls aren't as precise as you would hope but two sticks are better than one.
  • You can use the shoulder buttons or the R3 and L3 to strafe while driving. These can also help on the tighter turns as the shift helps change the direction of your velocity.
  • Rubberbanding is incredible in this game mode, don't be discouraged if you're in 6th place at the start of the third lap, I promise there's time to make it to first again.
  • Keep an eye out for any potential shortcuts. Following the gates might not always lead to the fastest path.
  • Have fun, you have three weeks to play it and earn as many horns and cool racing gear as you can

What do you think about Sparrow Racing League? Do you have any additional tips from your own experiences? What's been your favorite moment so far in the races?


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