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Published: March 17, 2015 7:23 PM /


dead or alive 5 last round

Dead or Alive is finally coming to Steam at the end of March, but it seems that the port will not be quite as feature complete as some fans would have hoped. The PC version of Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round was originally announced to be coming alongside its console debut on Xbox One and PS4, but has since been delayed, and details about the Steam version have been scarce up until today.

A user over at NeoGAF has translated a page detailing the new release, and it seems that the game will be more similar to the previous gen PS3/Xbox 360 versions of the game than the latest release. The Soft Engine, which was used for improvements in graphics and physics, is missing. Particle effects for some attacks are ported over from the previous version. Two stages added to the current gen console releases are not present. All this is in addition to the previously announced delay of the online multiplayer component, which wont be ready for at least three months past release.

It is also worth mentioning that the minimum system requirements have seemingly been raised since they were initially posted on Steam when pre-orders were first offered. Originally, it was suggested that 2GB of RAM and an i5 processor would be enough to run the game. Currently it is specified that 4GB of RAM is recommended, and an i7 is the minimum processor needed to run the game at all. Considering the downgrades detailed above and looking at requirements for similar games in the genre, the specs do seem a bit demanding to say the least.

Some features will be coming over from the upgraded console versions, including selectable alternate hairstyles for several characters, support for 4K monitors, and some improved shadow effects. Koei Tecmo is offering a number of costumes and a $5 discount for early purchasers, and the game will launch with a $40 price tag on March 30th.

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