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Ever wanted to play the-floor-is-lava in Overwatch? Well, now you can. Blizzard has launched the Overwatch Workshop via the game's PC public test realm, allowing players to create custom variants of their favorite Overwatch game styles.

Blizzard describes the Overwatch Workshop as "a simplified game scripting system" which expands the Game Browser's customization options. Players create Scripts within the workshop, each of which consists of a number of different components. These components come together to create a custom game mode. One example Blizzard gives is Molten Floor, in which players burn if they touch the ground. Another is Mirrored Deathmatch, in which everyone plays the same hero but switches at the end of each round to a new one. Of course, if you've got a different or better idea, you can try it out in the Workshop.

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Here's how it works. Each Script consists of at least one Rule, although more can be added. Rules are broken up into Events, Conditions, and Actions. Events dictate when the Rule will be executed. Conditions are optional and must be satisfied before the Rule applies. Actions occur when Events and Conditions are met. Examples of Events might be players taking damage, players dying, or players getting a kill. Conditions might consist of whether a player is carrying a flag or how many living players are left in the game. Finally, examples of Actions include adding a Burning status or changing a player's character.

To help players deduce what's going wrong if they encounter errors, Blizzard has also created the Overwatch Workshop Inspector. This option needs to be enabled in the Workshop's menu. Once it is, players can use it to figure out which part of their Script isn't working correctly. The dev also recommends players keybind the Inspector for ease of access. Given Blizzard's philosophy of making things accessible for players, the Workshop isn't too difficult to use. That said, it does require some patience and a bit of tenacity.

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Once you've created a Script, you can share it with the world for six months. Scripts are cross-platform, so players on PS4 can play an Xbox One-created script and vice versa. To share a Script, simply click Play, then Game Browser. From there, click Create, then Settings, then Share. You'll be given a link. Simply copy that link and send it to others. To open a Script, get to the Settings menu as before, but click Import this time. Enter the link for the Script and click OK. Voila - you're playing someone else's all-Mercy mode.

If you want to read the full feature list for the Overwatch Workshop, you can do so right here. There's also a handy list of tips and tricks to help you get to grips with the new feature. The Overwatch Workshop is live on the game's PC public test realm. No word yet on when it's coming to consoles, or when the full version will be released. While you wait, why not read up on Overwatch's latest patch?

What modes will you be creating on the Overwatch Workshop? Let us know in the comments below!

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