Pirate RPG Corsairs Legacy Shares New Dev Diary Detailing Swashbuckling Combat

Published: July 17, 2023 9:45 AM /


The player facing an enemy on a ship that's been boarded (and is also on fire) in pirate RPG Corsairs Legacy

Upcoming "historical pirate life simulator" Corsairs Legacy has a brand new dev diary, and it's all about how the ground combat system will work.

Obviously, in a pirate RPG, naval combat is a massive consideration, but it's also important to get melee skirmishes right. After all, you're going to be boarding a lot of ships (if all goes well), so you need to know your cutlass is reliable.

That's likely the logic behind the new dev diary, which also shows off various elements and changes that Mauris has implemented in the last few months.

In the dev diary, developer Mauris details improvements that have been made since the Corsairs Legacy demo debuted back in February, as well as detailing more features that will come to the finished game. You can take a look at the dev diary right here.

According to Mauris, the higher your difficulty level, the more you'll need to employ better combat strategy to win. 

You will, for instance, need to reduce enemy crew size before you board if you want to take your opponent's ship. This becomes more important the higher your difficulty level goes.

Since the demo, Mauris has reduced the number of strikes needed to defeat enemy pirates, and has also increased protagonist health so enemy combos don't one-shot you. That'll be a welcome change for anyone who crossed swords with the wrong buccaneers.

Combo attacks have been "significantly improved" in recent months, with enemies responding differently depending on which attacks you choose. You'll therefore need to pick the right kinds of attacks to pull off combos that don't get riposted by enemies.

Shooting has also been improved, as Mauris has added an aiming cursor, an arm tilt animation, and target selection improvements. Moving while aiming still isn't quite there yet, though; Mauris says this'll take a lot of work, so it's for future Mauris to worry about.

If you're a budding graverobber, fear not: corpse looting has been added to Corsairs Legacy. You'll find things like equipment, healing items, and bullets on enemies. However, you still need to be mindful of your max equipment load, as you'll lose the ability to run if you exceed it.

If you've missed the hype, Corsairs Legacy is an upcoming open-world pirate RPG life sim hybrid. 

You'll be able to voyage across the Caribbean, engaging in pirate activities and fending off the attentions of naval empires. Unfortunately, there's no word on Monkey Island crossover, but hey, it's early days yet.

You can read more about Mauris' ongoing work on Corsairs Legacy right here via Steam. The game is currently set for a 2023 release, so stay tuned for more info about when you can expect to try out this piratical RPG.


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