Control Ultimate Edition Upgrade Reportedly Given to Current Owners and Revoked

Published: September 10, 2020 4:35 PM /


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Control Ultimate Edition upgrade has been reportedly issued to a handful of gamers who weren't supposed to get it and subsequently revoked, angering some of the people who had purchased the earlier editions of the game.

Control is a fantastic title from Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games that has you exploring the Federal Bureau of Control, a secretive government organization that investigates the paranormal. Unfortunately, your first day of work isn't going so hot — nearly everyone is missing and something is very wrong.

Check out the Control Ultimate Edition trailer to get a feel for the game:

The reveal of an Ultimate Edition back in August 2020 was certainly welcome news to people who had been waiting to buy this game. Current owners, however, didn't exactly get the best deal when this was announced: 505 Games said that current owners wouldn't be getting a next-gen upgrade.

505 Games explained that Control would be making its way to the PS5 and Xbox Series X. As with many upcoming games, players who purchase Control Ultimate Edition would be able to get a free upgrade to the next-gen version. People who had purchased the original version of the game, however, would not be entitled to such an upgrade, a move that angered many.

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What Happened with the Control Ultimate Edition Upgrade?

Current owners were somewhat resigned to the fact that they probably wouldn't be getting a free upgrade, but something strange had happened in the last few hours. Gamers on both Reddit and ResetEra reported that the Ultimate Edition was made available to them for free on the PlayStation Store.

I can't imagine many people would turn down a free game; naturally, many of these people reporting the free upgrade took advantage of it and grabbed it right away. That's when something even stranger happened: the upgrade was removed.

"Okay so 13 hours ago, and throughout the day, I was able to download control from the Ultimate Edition store page and it showed as purchased on my end," read a comment from Chaserjoey on Resetera. "Now, the web browser store and the store on PS4 tells me to 'add (the game) to my basket' instead of 'download to my PS4.' They flicked the switch to prevent access that they previously allowed."

Several people on both Reddit and ResetEra report similar stories: they grabbed the free upgrade for the Ultimate Edition and are now discovering that they no longer own it.

What happened here? Presumably, this was some kind of error on the PlayStation backend. Neither Respawn Entertainment, 505 Games, nor the official Control Twitter account have made any sort of announcement just yet; we've reached out to 505 Games and will update this article when we received a response.

What do you think about this apparent Control Ultimate Edition upgrade mix-up? Do you think 505 Games should give current owners a free upgrade anyway? Let us know in the comments below!

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