Build A Rocket Boy Addresses Everywhere Blockchain Rumors

Published: August 24, 2022 2:41 PM /


Everywhere header image showing that the game is created using unreal engine after Everywhere Blockchain rumors surfaced

The developers at Build A Rocket Boy are shooting down the Everywhere blockchain rumors. This rumor came about after a few people noticed the company posting job positions for blockchain programmers and engineers, but the devs say that the game will not utilize such features.

Once Build A Rocket Boy developers noticed these rumors had been surfacing, they took to Reddit to address the matter, where they state, 

"These are research positions, as we do not like dismissing new technologies only because others haven’t found a solution for them yet. We are building Everywhere on Unreal Engine 5, not the blockchain. We are creating a new world for players, where we come together to play, watch, create, share, and so much more! We hope this helps clarify some of the speculations around this topic."

This statement leaves us with a few more questions, so we decided to reach out to them for comments to get those questions squared away. One of the major factors here that caused the speculation is of course those job postings. It makes it seem as if they are looking more into blockchain technologies, but they state that these features will not be implemented in Everywhere. They claim that this is just to keep up with the newest tech and research the capabilities the blockchain has to offer.

Everywhere gameplay screenshot showing a virtual city cascaded in glowing yellow and gold light from the sun with a very tech advanced city with a large tower in the center

We got our first look at the trailer for Everywhere during Gamescom 2022, and it has a lot of moving parts. the game is described by a reporter at Galaxy Interactive to be an "open world AAA game with a multiplayer experience incorporating a multi-chapter epic narrative, user-generated content through a ‘virtual sandbox’ where players can create their own worlds, and deep social and streaming integrations." The statement made by Galaxy Interactive was spotted by Roberto Serrano, who then posted the information on Twitter. This leaves room for speculation as well, as it almost makes it seem like it could be a part of the Metaverse.

Even with the release of the trailer, the information and details pertaining to the game seem to be held heavily under wraps. Though Everywhere has now been in development for several years, we still know almost nothing about it due to the tight lips of the developers. Leslie Benzies, the founder of Build A Rocket Boy, was previously the President of Rockstar Games North and was one of the most prominent minds behind the Grand Theft Auto series. In 2016, Benzies decided to leave Rockstar Games North, and in 2017 Build A Rocket Boy was created.

While there is still no release date set for Everywhere, we do know from Gamescom 2022 that it is set to release sometime during 2023. If we receive comments from Build A Rocket Boy, we will be sure to update everyone on our findings.


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