Black Desert Update Brings Posh New Manor To Decorate

A new Black Desert update is adding a brand new manor for you to decorate and style, as long as you can afford the rental fee

Published: November 3, 2021 11:59 AM /


The new Blue Maned Lion's Manor in the recent Black Desert update

A new Black Desert update has landed, and you'll like it if you've been hoarding cash. The Blue Maned Lion's Manor update brings a brand new manor you can decorate and furnish, but you're going to need to be pretty flush if you want to take full advantage of it.

What's in the latest Black Desert update?

This update was originally teased as part of the Black Desert roadmap for 2021, although it's been delayed since its originally intended release date of July 2021. It's called the Blue Maned Lion's Manor update, and as you might expect, it brings the titular manor to Black Desert. Situated between the Eastern Border and Heidel, you'll need five Contribution Points to rent the manor, and you'll also need to have completed a prerequisite quest. It'll also cost you a daily rental fee of a million silver per day to keep renting the manor; you won't be able to buy it outright. Here's hoping these manors don't get demolished like other MMO housing sometimes does.

The new Blue Maned Lion's Manor in the recent Black Desert update
You'll be able to decorate your new manor's interiors and exteriors in the latest Black Desert update.

As part of this Black Desert housing update, Pearl Abyss says you can decorate both the interior and exterior of your manor, making it different to existing Black Desert housing. You'll have access to manor-exclusive items, like furniture and lighting, and you'll also be able to craft your own furniture using materials you pick up from completing quests. It's pretty clear Pearl Abyss is going for serious opulence with this Black Desert update; some of the new items include gold chandeliers, elaborate lamps, and lots of very snazzy ornaments. If you've been looking for somewhere to sink your Black Desert cash, this should more than suffice.

In addition to this new manor content, there's also a new Black Desert challenge that will gift you a free chandelier to put in your manor. All you need to do in order to obtain it is log into the game. Once. That's it. By doing so, you'll be granted 50 Contribution EXP, and a choice between four different chandelier items. The "challenge", such as it is, runs until November 17th, so be sure to log in to get your free chandelier. If you don't have the money to rent the manor, well, you'll have to find somewhere to put your new chandelier. Maybe it would make a good weapon?

What else has been added besides housing in this update?

If you're not interested in the Blue Maned Lion's Manor, you'll be pleased to know there's lots more to check out in this latest Black Desert update. The Sorceress and Hashashin classes have had some changes, as have some of the game's items, monsters, and quests. You can now dye your character's hair and equipment any color you like, so you're not limited to presets anymore. There are also some changes to resurrection during Node/Conquest War sequences that should make things a little more seamless. As you might expect from Black Desert patch notes, the full changelog is pretty exhaustive, so make sure to take a look at it to get a good idea of what's new.

Players dying their hair and equipment in Black Desert
The new Black Desert update will also let you dye your hair and equipment whatever color you like.

Black Desert is an MMORPG you can grab right now on Steam, as well as PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The naming conventions for the game are somewhat confusing; it's officially known as Black Desert Online, but the console versions are named Black Desert (which is also the name the game appears to have on Steam). It's a tricky time for the game and its developer-slash-publisher, Pearl Abyss, right now; earlier this year, the studio announced it would move to self-publishing Black Desert in the West. Despite this, its upcoming spinoff title Crimson Desert was recently delayed indefinitely, so as doors open, it seems others close. We'll bring you more on further updates headed to Black Desert as soon as we get it.

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