Big Northgard Update adds Dwarves and Overhauls Faction Relations

The latest Northgard update Krowns & Daggers adds a new race and a bunch of other big changes.

Published: October 6, 2021 10:31 AM /


Northgard Update

The latest Northgard update, Krowns & Daggers, has gone live. The last major Northgard update, Expeditions, was released back in February, so two major updates in a year not even concluded yet are pretty decent for an already-released game. That's not even counting older updates like the map editor from last year, which means that an already-stuffed game is getting even more content.

With this latest major update comes new features, gameplay additions, and a new neutral faction. This neutral faction is the Dwarves, who are known for their mining prowess and will have access to "many treasures and precious resources", and if you come too close you may regret your actions. However, if you manage to gain their trust they could potentially help you out, so cunning players should definitely try to leverage this new neutral faction.

The new and improved diplomacy screen.

Also new in this Northgard Update is the diplomacy screen, which has been reworked. Each faction now shows four relation statuses that will offer new rewards and risks depending on how you've been treating the faction. 

If you find your relations with a neutral faction you want to befriend isn't the greatest, you can utilize the offering well, a new building that will improve your relations with neutral factions. I mean, I get it, that gold isn't going to mine itself and now the dwarves aren't happy, but sometimes you have to lose some to win some, eh?

As for more gameplay changes, when you're scouting the borders of territories under the fog of war are now colorless, and when scouts are sent to spy on an enemy's town hall, you may access new info such as their Lore-tree or resource stocks. If you also receive a notification regarding another clan, it will now have a portrait of their Warchiefs, so you know exactly who you're supposed to hate.

The rivalry screen.

You can use the rivalry screen to declare enemy clans as your Rival. There are upsides and downsides to doing such a thing. If you choose Town twinning it boosts your population's growth, your Rival's population also increases, for example. So, you can do it, but it's a two-way road.

In order to establish a Rivalry, you'll have to construct the Emissary Lodge and its unit the Emissary. You can also take part in new competitive events for a reward such as the Ceremonial Bonfire, with the best contributor being rewarded free Knowledge.

Other changes include new achievements, multiplayer name changes (a player's name is now shown in chat but they and their borders are colorless until scouted), and new end-game stats such as stats for Squirrel Meals.

If you'd like to read through the patch notes yourself, be sure to go here. If you want more Northgard outside of the video game, maybe check out the board game as well? Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details on all things Northgard.

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