Ending Support for 32-Bit Client

Published: April 25, 2022 2:52 PM /

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The developer of has announced that it is ending support for the game's 32-bit client, a little less than 7 years after the physics-based racing game first launched on Steam Early Access.

There are all sorts of racing games out there these days, whether you prefer a more realistic experience like Gran Turismo 7 or sillier fare like the upcoming free-to-play kart racer Disney is a game that leans heavily towards the "realism" side of the equation -- and now, it's getting a pretty big change for people who are on older computers and operating systems.


Why is Ending 32-Bit Support is ending support for 32-bit operating systems for two key reasons according to today's announcement: it will free up developer resources and allow the developers to make the most out of newer game engine technologies.

This change isn't likely to affect very many players overall -- developer BeamNG's internal data shows that less than 0.5% of their users are still running a 32-bit operating system according to the announcement. This is backed by the most recent Steam Hardware Survey which shows that only 0.16% of Steam users are on Windows 7 32-bit and a paltry 0.07% of users are on Windows 10 32-bit.

If you are one of the unfortunate few who are still on a 32-bit operating system, it's probably a really good idea to upgrade your OS to a 64-bit version ASAP. (Those of you who are uncertain about your operating system can figure that out with this help page.) If you can't make that happen, you should go into the Betas tab on Steam and switch to the following branch to ensure that there won't be any problems. - No updates - Windows 32bit - will officially be ending support for 32-bit operating systems when version 0.25 launches in the near future. Otherwise, you can enjoy watching cars turn into metal pancakes by buying for PC via Steam at the price of $24.99 or your regional equivalent.



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