Battle Splash Character Details Revealed

Published: March 8, 2017 2:45 PM /


Battle Splash Pre-Alpha 02

Indie third person water gun shooter Battle Splash was successfully greenlit on Steam and has begun pre-alpha testing. The violence-free multiplayer game is making progress and now developer Dranya Studio has released a first look at the playable characters. In the most recent DevLog those that participated in the project’s success so far are offered a heartfelt thanks and details about the backstory of the four water gun toting girls are revealed.

According to the DevLog the entire Battle Splash game is a project created by one of the playable characters. All four girls are part of the same family, the Polyga household. The family joins in playful water fights in their very own garage turned into colorful virtual playgrounds.

Battle Splash
Trianga "Tina" Polyga

Trianga “Tina” Polyga is the inventor of the Battle Splash games and is considered a bit of a genius by her family. Clad in purple from head to toe she has a close relationship with her sister Quad and is a creative, clumsy and emotional sort of person. She has average speed and accuracy but wields a powerful turret that can stick to any surface and senses when enemies are near to attack.

Battle Splash
Quadra "Quad" Polyga

Tina’s sister Quadra or “Quad” is a calm and thoughtful introvert, color coded blue. Slower in speed, Quad has good accuracy and can take a lot of damage. Her special equipment is a digital shield that can block and deflect attacks as well as destroy opponent’s items at close range.

Battle Splash
Pentaga "Penny" Polyga

Brunette Pentaga “Penny” Polyga is modest and kind but also has a childish side. With balanced strength and speed she does well on both offense and defense. Her disk dryer is a helpful support ability that can dry out teammates and get them back on the battlefield sooner.

Battle Splash
Temiko "Lotus" Kangara

Last but not least is Temiko “Lotus” Kangara. She plays Battle Splash as a reprieve from running her detective agency. Both fast and accurate, Lotus is best suited for the role of sniper or scout. She can dry off quickly but can’t take many hits. Her special ability is a recon pole that can show nearby enemies positions and their special items when used.

Battle Splash is currently available to play in a pre-alpha version. You can download the game here. To learn more about the game visit the developer’s blog.


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