Astral Tracks Is Bringing Competitive Speedrun Platforming To PC And Consoles

Published: August 14, 2023 9:39 AM /


Three players, dressed as a spaceman in a crown, an anime character, and some kind of robot alien, in Astral Tracks

German studio Lab132 has announced Astral Tracks, a 3D platformer that blends procedural platforming with a focus on speedrunning. 

Lab132 cites Titanfall and Spider-Man as key influences for the game, additionally describing it as "Neon White meets Mirror's Edge". There's also a healthy hint of Cyber Hook in its inside-of-a-computer aesthetic.

In Astral Tracks, your goal is to beat your friends or your own score across a host of procedurally-generated levels.

Online leaderboards will be available, and you'll also be able to battle your friends in either local or online multiplayer. Movement abilities include dashing, sliding, sprinting, and wallrunning.

Levels are generated from "pre-designed chunks", according to Lab132, with each chunk requiring a different set of movement skills to navigate successfully. You can check out Astral Tracks in action here.

As you play Astral Tracks, you'll get the chance to unlock new customization options for your avatar, including everything from "diving fins and plungers to balloon animals or silly hats".

Lab132 is also promising that there will be "100% no microtransactions" in the game, so you won't be expected to pony up any real cash to unlock these crazy extra looks for your character.

Extra timed challenges will also be added regularly "for a certain period of time", according to the developers, which should add an additional layer of fun to the game. These will include daily, weekly, and monthly challenges.

Lab132 co-founder Laura Koerting says the reception to Neon White was "heartening", showing the team that there was "an appetite for indie speedrunners". It sounds like if you were into Neon White, you'll probably get a kick out of Astral Tracks as well.

Astral Tracks is currently slated for a PC and console launch sometime in the future. No specific release date has been given, but stay tuned for more info on this promising-looking project.


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