American Truck Simulator Multiplayer Open Beta Now Live

The new game mode, Convoy, allows truckers to play together with their friends and fellow drivers.

Published: May 24, 2021 10:50 AM /


American Truck Simulator

The American Truck Simulator multiplayer update introduces the new Convoy mode, which allows players to host their own private sessions with friends and fellow truckers. 

Currently, Convoy mode supports synchronized AI traffic, the ability to take the same job as other players, and time and weather. Players will also have the option to restore their game progress to a previous game state if they weren't happy with what happened to their truck, cargo, or wallet during their Convoy session. I guess you could say that you can now do some hit and runs, amirite?

This is an "Experimental Open Beta" which is exactly as it sounds. There's going to be bugs and crashes and other things that'll signify that this isn't a complete experience, which is why it isn't an official release quite yet, but something that can be unlocked if players are curious enough.

To unlock the patch, you'll have to go to Steam and right-click on American Truck Simulator in your Steam Games Library. You then go to properties and click on the Betas tab, and then paste XZo2orrgbG92XMQ into the small window. Once done the new branch should be made available to you to try out. 

As this is a beta, it's recommended to backup your profiles or use a new one because this patch will make your profile incompatible with the non-beta version of the game, so be warned if you want to try out Convoy mode and then want to go back to the base game. 

As for what's available at the moment, players will be able to create private sessions for up to 8 people and complete the same contracts and haul jobs together and to the same destination. There's also the ability to communicate via the CB radio broadcast via the X key, or through quick replies via the Q key and text chat via the Y key.

As for what's not currently supported or implemented, there are no mods and players can only join games if they have the same set of cargo or map DLCs installed that the host has. Weather is not fully synced, cables for remote trailers aren't rendered, and there's a whole list of things that you can check out here, which includes the full announcement.

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