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Alternate History RTS Iron Harvest Will Be Published By Deep Silver

April 10, 2019 10:50 AM

By: Joseph Allen


Alternate history "dieselpunk" RTS Iron Harvest will be published by Deep Silver. Developer KING Art revealed the partnership in a developer blog post on its official website.

KING Art says over a dozen publishers expressed interest in Iron Harvest. The studio spoke with all interested parties and negotiated with a handful, finally deciding on Deep Silver. KING Art will "retain total creative control" over Iron Harvest, with Deep Silver helping out in areas such as production and first-party relations. In addition, KING Art says Deep Silver's involvement has enabled them to include a number of features in Iron Harvest which weren't necessarily possible before. The studio is promising more content, the possibility of a release on more platforms, and (potentially) a level editor.




The level editor "won't be a stand-alone editor" in which people can simply create maps quickly. Instead, editing hopefuls will need to download and install the free Unity engine as well as KING Art's additional plugin. The level editor is likely to be PC-exclusive, but console players can play officially sanctioned maps designed by the Iron Harvest community. KING Art says it'll look into the amount of work needed to implement a level editor. If it's possible, the feature will be included and the studio will put out a call for people who want to try it out before release. If that sounds like you, keep an eye on the official KING Art website.

If you'd like to play Iron Harvest, you can get the Alpha 2 build of the game by pre-ordering it. Doing so will also grant you access to upcoming beta builds as well as the private Discord channel for backers. KING Art says it'll be able to share more on the development of the game "probably in the following 6 weeks", including production plan and release schedule. In the meantime, check out TechRaptor's in-depth look at Iron Harvest.



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