Abrakadaboom Explodes Onto Early Access This April

Published: March 31, 2019 10:00 AM /



New 4 player local multiplayer party game Abrakadaboom has just announced that it will be coming to Early Access on April 18th this year. Coming from Argonauts Studios, Abrakadaboom is a multiplayer game about fun, fast-paced action with your friends. Using your wizard's fantastical powers to battle your friends for magical dominance in explosive fashion is at the core of Abarkadaboom.


You will be able to face off in battles with up to 4 players (bots or humans) in either free-for-all or team battles. Use your magically infused orbs to cause explosions and defeat your enemies, while using your Dash and even the environment of the arena to keep yourself alive. 4 different game modes will be available to battle in:

  • Sudden Death: You’ve got one life and there can only be one survivor. Be fast or the arena will try to kill you all.
  • Extra Lifes: Kill, die, respawn… but not too many times!
  • Witch Hunt: Hunt your friends and steal their magic wand!
  • Keep the Runes: Get points by carrying runes, but be warned, they will slow you down.
There will also be 20 arenas, most with specific hazards to them, to play on. 5 different magic types to use in battle with their own powers, effects, and environmental effects will be at your disposal. All this to add a lot of variety and replayability to your battles. The ways the arenas provide their own elemental magic that will change your own powers, and the arena hazards themselves. Navigating the arenas, grabbing power-ups to upgrade your abilities, and intelligently using your exploding orbs to trap and lay waste to your enemies are key to victory.

Argonauts Studios also announced that online multiplayer will be coming to Abarakadaboom sometime during early access as well. You'll be able to pick the game up on April 18th, but you can check out Abrakadaboom on Steam right now.


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