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Fledglings and neonates, the streets of Prague are quite dangerous now. Not just because of the presence of The Entity or the final death of Prince Markus, although that has done us no favors. No, it is because of the orgy of vampiric powers and abilities that can overwhelm those uninitiated. Thankfully, you have kind Primogens here at TechRaptor with their Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Hunt Class Guide.

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt Class Guide | The Basics

At time of writing, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt has seven available vampire classes to choose from. Two of those classes are based on the many different vampire clans associated with the Vampire: The Masquerade TTRPG. This is crucial information to keep in mind since it helps clue you in as to the playstyle each of these different classes encourages.

Bear in mind that this guide is just to give you an understanding of the different classes and what they are good at and not dedicated build guides.

A Brujah slicing through an enemy with dual swords
You're already dead, you just don't know it.

Bloodhunt Classes | The Brujah Clan

Starting out, we will be focusing on The Brujah classes in Bloodhunt. In the setting of World of Darkness, the Brujah vampire clan are aggressiven and confrontational, more in tune with the primal beast that compels them to kill and feed than the other vampire clans. If you dug the approach to vampires in Joel Schumaker's The Lost Boys, this clan is for you.

In this game, the Brujah have two classes: The Brute and The Vandal. Both of these classes have the Soaring Leap traversal power. It's a big super jump that lets you close distances and explore the map faster.

The Brute

First, despite the name, The Brute is a more defensive fighter than at first glance. This is mostly due to the True Grit passive ability, which allows you to heal up to half of your maximum health if you don't take damage for a while. If you can get in and get out of scrapes, this passive will keep you going. The second is the Shockwave Punch power. This is a surprisingly versatile power. Not only can you use it to knock back enemies in a wide sweep, potentially knocking them into red gas or environmental hazards, it also acts as a temporary shield against bullets and other attacks. If you can supplement these abilities with some smart tactics at close to medium range, The Brute is a great direct choice.

A Brujah knocking an enemy into the air with a shockwave punch
Smack. He's down!

The Vandal

Alternatively, The Vandal is more aggressive. The Adrenaline Surge passive ability increases your damage resistance if you're surrounded by enemies, which encourages a far more aggressive playstyle. This is coupled really well with the Earth Shock power, a leaping ground slam which damages and launches enemies straight into the air. Unless your targets have some power that lets them teleport, a well-placed Earth Shock can usually be combo'd into a shotgun blast or a barrage of crossbow bolts.

The weaknesses of these Brujah classes is that they're not exactly subtle or quiet. Soaring Leap is great for getting around but you can't exactly change where you're going to land. Some well-placed traps or sniper shots will down you if you're not careful. Secondly, a lot of these abilities are designed for close quarters combat. While this playstyle is straightforward and is effective, it is also predictable.

The character select screen for Nosferatu
Yeah, I'd stay hidden too with a face like that.

Bloodhunt Classes | The Nosferatu Clan

As the name implies, the Nosferatu vampire clan are heavily influenced by the 1922 black-and-white horror film. Grotesque and ugly, they are a vampire clan that focus a lot more on subterfuge, stealth and misinformation. In the lore of Vampire: The Masquerade they are characterized as information brokers, hackers, and spies.

This is emphasized in their two Bloodhunt classes. Both The Saboteur and The Prowler have the Vanish traversal power. You vanish into a puff of smoke for a few seconds and get a speed boost for a couple of seconds. Fair warning, this traversal power doesn't make you intangible or invulnerable. This means a lucky shot or just getting body checked by another player in a tight corridor can spell your doom.

The Saboteur

If you are all about setting up ambushes and surprise attacks, The Saboteur is for you. The Unseen Passage passive ability allows you to turn semi-invisible while crouching. Basically, if you stay perfectly still in the right spot you can hide in plain sight. Try to move too much and you'll give yourself away.

This is coupled with the Sewer Bomb power. Like the name implies, you throw a giant improvised bomb that explodes into a corrosive gas that deals damage over time to enemies. Better still, the bombs are proximity triggered, meaning they can also be used as mines at various choke points. This playstyle works especially with crossbow weapons thanks to their area-of-effect attacks and silent fire.

A Nosferatu with a bat about to strike the back of an unaware vampire

The Prowler

On the other hand, The Prowler is more about environmental awareness and tracking. The Sense The Beast passive ability allows you to sniff out severly injured players, their blood trail highlighted with your vampire senses. This is great for keeping up chases or confirming your kills. Next, there is your Scouting Famulus power. You throw out a pulsing wave of bats that ping the locations of nearby enemies. It can even ping them through walls and terrain.

In solo play, The Prowler is the most tactical class and also the most difficult one to master. You have a handful of tools to know where enemies are, giving you much greater battlefield information, but if you're exactly good at utilizing that info, it can be a steep learning curve. Still, the first time you down some poor fool with a spiked club around the corner or a sniper shot from a church tower is electric. And if you're in a trio with active voice chat, a Prowler can be a bona fide essential.

This does highlight the struggles with these Nosferatu classes: the set-up might not always be worth the pay off. If you're caught unaware or ambushed, your Vanish might be enough for a reprieve, but if you're being hunted by another Prowler, you might only have a few more seconds to get your head on straight.

A Toreador Vampire in an abandoned museum
Designer fashion? Check. Beauty? Check. Alright, time to outlast all of these fools.

Bloodhunt Classes | The Toreador Clan

The next two classes pull from The Toreador clan. These are the attractive and glamorous kinds of vampires, the kind that will rip your throat out and make you like it.

That kind of effortless charm and charisma is built into their two classes found here. Both The Muse and The Siren have their own unique Projection Dash traversal ability. This is the most technical of the traversal abilities but also one of the most rewarding. You tap the button and you'll send out a projection a few feet out in front you. That projection will sit there for a few seconds as represented by the cooldown time. Before that timer ticks down to zero, you can tap the button again and immediately teleport back to that projection.

The Muse

The Muse is the closest thing to a dedicated healer Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt has right now. The Rejuvenating Voice power casts a persistent area-of-effect area that heals you as well as teammates, and is great for last minute clutches. Sadly, the effect immediately ends if you are hit and you cannot attack while performing the ability.

But what does help The Muse stand out is The Final Act passive ability. Basically, you can still use your powers even when you are downed. This means you can heal teammates as they come to revive you. Alternatively, you can use Projection Dash to get away and buy yourself a few crucial seconds to regenerate. When used smartly, The Muse is stubborn and just refuses to die.

A Toreador vampire floating through the air healing themselves
Also the healing can happen in mid-air. Enjoy.

The Siren

If you want something more direct however, The Siren is for you. Their Kindred Charm passive ability automatically makes civilians friendly towards you. This means you and your team can freely feed without being bloodhunted and civilians might attack other players for you, which can cause them to be bloodhunted themselves. Then there is their Blinding Beauty power. This is essentially a vampire flashbang. You use it, and all enemies nearby are blinded. It is great if you need some breathing room or need that crucial edge in a direct sword fight.

The flaws in both Toreador classes should be obvious. While both are great at staying alive and ramping up in the early game, they don't have a lot of direct assault options. They're useful in teams, might not be ideal for your playstyle in solos.

A Ventrue gunning down an opponent with an assault rifle
Long story short, they died tired.

Bloodhunt Classes Guide | The Ventrue Clan

Finally, there is the last new class of Bloodhunt. The Enforcer is based on the Ventrue vampire clan. Just take the cutthroat fashion and sensibilities of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho and make them a vampire..

The Enforcer

The Enforcer might just be the trickiest class to figure out in Bloodhunt right now. This is mostly because it has no traversal power, which can make treks across the rooftop difficult. However, it might just be the most dedicated direct combat class in the game.

This is thanks to two key powers. The first is the Flesh of Marble power. This is an ability that makes you temporarily invulnerable to all forms of damage for a few seconds. However, if you shoot or do any offensive ability, the effect ends. The second power is the Unyielding Charge. This is a bull rush attack that deals solid damage to everyone effected, but it also silences them. Silenced enemies can't use any of their vampire powers. If you' get hit with this in the wrong spot, you're basically screwed.

A ventrue with marble skin deflecting bullets
So this guy messed up. I have a charge ready to go.

Finally, there is The Enforcer's passive ability: Subjugating Presence. Any enemy that gets within a certain radius of The Enforcer not only have their movement slowed, but their presence is highlighted.

This all might seem overpowered but The Enforcer does have some gaps. As mentioned before, no traversal power means they can't get around as well as the other classes. This means they have harder time hitting supply caches or key areas faster. Second, all of their abilities are based on close or medium range combat. Flesh of Marble might make sniping kills harder, but it's better than a shotgun duel with Subjugating Presence active.

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