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Welcome fellow Kindred to Prague. Things have turned into a real battle royale since the appearance of The Entity with everyone fighting fang and claw to stake their claim. However, in your scramble for armor, weapons, and tools for the fights ahead, you must not forget the most important part of being a monster of the night: drinking the blood of humans. This is our Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt Feeding Guide.

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Perfect, she's too busy looking at her phone.

Bloodhunt Feeding Guide | How and When To Feed

While the game's tutorial doesn't really emphasize it, Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Hunt does encourage you to track down civilians wandering the streets of Prague and to drain them. Draining a civilian fully heals you, which is a huge benefit in a cutthroat battle royale.

But you shouldn't feed left and right for two major reasons. First, every single player on the map can use their vampire senses to detect fresh sources of blood and can use them as traps. Nothing ruins feeding on a victim like a sniper round to the head. So you'll need to be cautious about where you feed and when.

But the second biggest thing you need to worry about is breaking The Masquerade.

In the lore of World of Darkness, The Masquerade is the agreed upon rules that vampires live by in order to ensure the human world doesn't catch on to their secret organizations. Part of these rules are to never attack, feed, or use your vampire powers openly to the public. This is also true in Blood Hunt. If you feed on somebody while another civilian is watching or actively shoot and harm a non-combatant, that is considered a breaking of The Masquerade.

A vampire approaching a victim with a potential witness in the background
Do I dare risk her looking up and getting a target painted on the back of my head?

In game terms, this means you will be bloodhunted. Your location will be highlighted in red, and every single player on the map can see you. This lasts for a full minute. If you can communicate with your fireteam, you may be able to set up an ambush this way, but most of the time if you are bloodhunted, you're not going to last much longer.

This is why if you and your team are going to feed, coordinate with them. Call out lines of sight, choose your targets carefully, isolated nooks on the streets and tunnels are your friends. You can also take advantage of a chaotic gun battle to scatter civilians. If gunfire is heard, they'll scramble, which can break up more populated areas. Bear in mind, this same gunfire can also be heard by other players.

A vampire feeding on a victim, their blood vessels glowing pink
That sweet pink healing goodness.

Bloodhunt Feeding Guide | Why You Should Feed

This does beg the question however: why should you even bother feeding? You already have the means to heal in Blood Hunt through consumable blood syringes and blood packs. Well, this risk is actually worth the reward since feeding on certain civilians give you persistent buffs to help throughout your match.

This is why various blood sources glow in different colors when you use your vampire senses. Each of these colors correlate to a certain type of blood and the kind of benefits they give. Those different types are as follows:

  • Phelgmatic. Color: Light Blue. Effect: Reduced Cooldown of Your Rightmost Ability
  • Melancholic Color: Purple. Effect: Reduced Cooldown of Your Leftmost Ability
  • Sanguine Color: Pink Effect: You Slowly Recover Health Over Time
  • Choleric Color: Orange. Effect: Increased Melee Attack Damage

All of these effects can stack up to three times. However, you can only have three active buffs, called blood resonance slots, active at a time.

Get More Blood Resonance Slots

The game itself shows the following message if you try to feed more: “Missing Resonance Slot. Drink enemy blood to increase capacity.” As for what exactly enemy blood is, there are two different answers.

The three sources of enemy blood are:

  • Entity soldiers: These are NPCs that patrol various camps dotted throughout the map. They are decked out in battle armor, have high powered assault rifles, and take forever to feed upon. As mentioned before, protracted gun battles will alert other players so down them, drain them, and get out.
  • Vampire Hunters: They are NPC enemies that roam the map. Be careful, they can blend in civilian spaces, but you can feed on them.
  • Other players. Whenever you down another player you have the option to Diablerize them.

Bloodhunt Feeding - What is Diablerizing?

This is a pre-animated finishing move that takes the player out of the game. While it might be safer to just double tap them in the head with a weapon, if you are willing to risk getting backstabbed by your victim's allies, it can pay off in the long term.In the lore of Vampire: The Masquerade, diablerizing another vampire isn't just draining them of their blood, but of their very spirit, and giving you more blood resonance slots.

And thinking long term is something you need to keep in mind when feeding and getting these blood resonance slots filled. An incremental boost to a traversal power or special power might not seem like much, but when things get down to the wire, a few crucial seconds can make a world of difference.

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