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When you're playing through Gamedec you'll pretty quickly come up against the case of Fredo, the 17-year-old boy who's gone missing inside an adults-only game. After you make your way through the case and pick over all of the available evidence, you'll be confronted by a mad hacker who goes by Jester. At this stage in Gamedec, you've basically got a couple of options about how to proceed, but how do you not what to do? Well, we aim to help you out with our guide on what happens if you help Fredo or not. 

What Happens If You Rescue Fredo?

GameDec - Jester Fender Bender

Okay, so you're standing on the rooftop with Fredo and Jester in Gamedec, the latter of whom claims that Fredo has assaulted one of his father's staff. If you decide to ignore what Jester is saying and take Fredo back to his father a number of different things will happen. Firstly, you'll obviously gain a lot more favor with the client, since you actually managed to save his son rather than leaving him to rot. Your 'relations' stat with the client will be improved, leading to potential benefits down the line. 

During the conversation with your client, you're also given the opportunity to push him on certain subjects. If you push him a few times on the assault allegations, it turns out that not only is it true, but Fredo's father has a history of similar incidents himself. Yikes. At this point, you can either threaten to go public with the information, or you can tell him that you think his son needs help to stop him from doing this again in the future. If you threaten to go public, he tells you that he thinks you should, hoping it'll straight both him and his son out. Either way, he's grateful for your help and your honest advice. 

What Happens If You Leave Fredo? 

GameDec - Fredo Must be Cold

If you agree with Jester's punishment of Fredo, you'll leave him logged into the game while logging out yourself. When you arrive back in the client's penthouse, he will be angry that Fredo hasn't been rescued. You can explain to him what has happened inside the game, and pass along Jester's message. At this stage, he'll be furious that you haven't saved his son and will basically throw you out.

You can choose to ask him about payment, but he won't be happy about it. After all, you did technically fail the case so he flat out refuses to pay you, as well as threatening you if anything should happen to his son. Either way, you hopefully got that down payment out of him earlier on, or you're going to be leaving empty-handed. 

That's The Situation With Fredo and Jester in Gamedec

Well, what a heavy case for your first mission of the game. At this point, the decisions you've made here may affect some of the later decisions. Your client was a powerful man, and having made an ally of him could come back to help you out in the future. Similarly, if you helped Jester, you've now got a hacker on your side who could potentially be pretty useful himself. 

If you're agonizing over any of the other decisions in the game, then you should check out some of our other decision guides, or better yet, check out our review of the game. 

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