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Bob and Hor Ney

GameDec is a game primarily about making tough decisions, especially about the lives of those you interact with. One particular couple you meet in the game's first case are two such people. Bob Zappa and his wife, who goes by Hor Ney (ha), are having some marital issues and if you get involved, they become your problems. How are you supposed to know what to do? Well, that's where we come in with this guide on whether you should help Bob Zappa or Hor Ney in GameDec. Obviously, spoilers ahead.

What Happens if You Help Bob Zappa? 

GameDec - Bob Decision

So, you get through the mission and help Bob find his wife, but now you're faced with a tough decision, do you reveal to Bob what his wife has been up to or lie to his face? Well, if you decide to be honest with the guy who was looking for help a few different things will happen. 

First up, you have the option of how to frame the news. You can straight up say "she's cheating on you" which will prompt a very distraught Bob to lament the situation. On the other hand, you can decide to say "she's just playing a game" and convince him that this isn't necessarily the same thing as cheating. While Bob still won't like it, he'll be less distraught and says he and his wife will talk later. 

Either way, you'll get an access code to use in another game in the future, which can come in handy. It also doesn't affect how Hor Ney reacts though, if you tell her that you told Bob the truth, she gets upset with you and immediately logs off so she can have a talk with Bob. 

What Happens if you Help Hor Ney? 

GameDec - Hor Ney Decision

Now on the other hand, when you come across Hor Ney talking to the unicorn, she'll ask you to lie to her husband for her. This opens the option to report to the husband that the tips he's been getting are incorrect and that she's not actually playing the game at all. 

If you go this route, he'll thank you for your help and log-off, though it doesn't seem like he gives you the code he promised you. When you report back to Hor Ney she says that she will have a long talk with her husband about the situation when she logs out of the game later. In the meantime, she offers you some help with the first case in your search for Fredo by informing you about the alley that people meet up in for 'special times'. 

If you'd rather not take this option you shouldn't worry too much, there are numerous other ways of getting the information about Fredo even if you don't help Hor Ney out. 

They Need Serious Counseling

That's all of the consequences of your decisions in the Bob Zappa and Hor Ney situation. Bear in mind, that this decision can affect later moments in the game, especially if you get the code from Bob that can help you in another game you have to investigate at a later date. 

If you've struggled with any other decisions in GameDec check out some of our other decision guides or our review. 


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