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Overwatch Character Highlight: Mercy

Published: September 29, 2016 1:00 PM



There is arguably not a role in cooperative games more important than the Healer. The ability to restore health to your team is invaluable, but sometimes you need more efficient healing than what Lucio, Zenyatta, or Ana can provide. That's where Mercy comes in. She can only focus her healing on one hero at a time, but the amount she heals far surpasses the individual healing of anyone else. 



Mercy's Abilities Include:

  • Primary Fire
    • Mercy's primary ability is her healing skill. When targeting a teammate, Mercy can create a healing stream that heals for 60 health per second. In comparison, Lucio heals for 12.5 health per second, and Zenyatta heals for 30 health. Ana can heal for 75 health per shot, but it's less accurate and slower. Once the stream is connected, it will stay locked on and even pass through obstacles for 2 seconds before breaking.
  • Alternate Fire
    • Alternatively to healing, Mercy can increase the damage output by 30%. This is better at the start of a match when nobody is taking damage right away.
  • Side Arm: Caduceus Blaster
    • As a last resort, Mercy does have a small firearm. The Caduceus Blaster act's very similarly to D.Va's pistol, only slower and weaker, dealing about 20 damage per shot.
  • Guardian Angel
    • The Guardian Angel ability allows Mercy to fly towards a teammate. This can be used to save mercy from falling off the side, or to allow her to catch up to a teammate in danger.
  • Passive Ability: Natural Healing
    • If Mercy doesn't take damage, she will automatically start healing herself for 20 health per second.
  • Mobility Skill: Angelic Descent
    • When falling, if you hold the jump button, Mercy can descend slowly down instead of flat out falling.
  • Ultimate Ability: Resurrect
    • One of the most powerful abilities in the game and the skill that makes Mercy stand out more than any other healer is her Resurrection. Mercy can see and fly to fallen enemies, and resurrect them before they respawn.

Mercy is a powerful healer, not offensively like Ana or Zenyatta, but she is consistently a solid choice when picking your team. Mercy actually goes quite well with Lucio or Zenyatta; both can do minor healing to most people, and it keeps the pressure off of Mercy to keep everyone healed.


Playing Mercy can be very frustrating at times, because more often than not, your team won't do a very good job at keeping you alive. Mercy only has 200 health and no armor; she's slow and is not designed for combat. Stay close to your team and hope that your teammates will do their job to keep you alive.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Mercy

  • Knowing when to pop your ultimate can be tricky. Getting 3 or more people in your Resurrect can be extremely fruitful; however, in my experience I find that the ultimate charges fast enough that it can be used for the occasional 1 or 2 person revival.
  • Using Guardian Angel on Pharah in the air can keep you out of danger, slowing your descent and continuously using Guardian Angel to keep your altitude.
  • Mercy is a very situational healer; there isn't a list of heroes you should be healing before another. To play Mercy, you need to consider who needs healing right now. If a Tank is holding a point and needs either health or damage to keep it going, go to them. But if an Offensive hero has an ult ready and needs the health to stay alive or the extra damage, then help them. This is why having a secondary healer like Lucio or Zenyatta is valuable—it takes the pressure off of Mercy as a one at a time healer.



Heroes Mercy is Best for

As all healers go, they really aren't designed for combat, so you can't really say what heroes Mercy is good against. Instead, here are some great targets for you to focus on your own team.

D.Va is great because she's squishy enough that she could really use the extra health, she can prevent damage coming towards you, and when boosting her damage output, she's able to do continuous heavy fire. Winston is the same way, great mobility for Guardian Angel, shields to block incoming damage, and a combination of squishiness and low damage output that Mercy can help in both departments.

Pharah and Soldier 76 are both great for increased damage output, Junkrat is fun to increase for damage increase, and Roadhog, while not very fast, can soak up a lot of damage and deal ridiculous damage thanks to Mercy.

Counter-Heroes to Watch Out for

Flanking heroes are the bane of Mercy. Heroes like Tracer, Reaper, Pharah, Genji—anyone who can easily get behind the lines and take you out will just wreck your day. If this happens, all I can say is stick near your tanks and hope that they take care of them.


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