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Overwatch Character Highlight: Lucio

Published: August 23, 2016 1:00 PM



Of the three dedicated healing support heroes available in Overwatch, one of them stands out more than any other, and that is Lucio. Lucio is the only support hero that can heal multiple teammates at once. He can't focus his healing on any individual hero, so in that regard, he can't heal that fast or that much, but the fact that he can heal his entire team all at once, while fighting the enemy team, makes him arguably the best healer.



Lucio's Abilities Include

  • Primary Fire
    • Lucio's Primary fire shoots green orbs for 16 damage each. The weapon itself isn't very strong; however, it fires  quickly and travels at a good pace, so you can just keep the fire up and get every point of damage that you can.
  • Alternate Fire
    • Lucio's much more useful attack is his knockback. Using your alternate fire will use a knock back blast that can be used to disrupt opponents or knock them off the map.
  • Crossfade
    • The Crossfade is Lucio's primary ability. The Crossfade has two settings, Speed and Healing, and depending on whichever it's set on, it will grant either a speed boost or general healing, and Lucio can switch between these as needed. When on Speed, it increases everyone's movement speed by 30%, when on healing, it heals everyone nearby for 12.5 health per second.
  • Amp It Up
    • When necessary, Lucio can amplify his Crossfade effects for a few seconds. When on Speed, it increases the movement speed from 30% to 112%, and it increases healing from 12.5 to 40 health per second.
  • Mobility Skill: Wall Ride
    • If you jump onto a wall as Lucio, you can glide across the wall. At first, you'll rise slightly and slowly descend downwards as you travel across the wall. If you jump onto another platform, it will reset the ride arc, and you'll go slightly higher. If you can perfect this skill, you can navigate across maps to the point where enemies will almost never be able to hit you or expect you.
  • Ultimate Ability: Sound Barrier
    • One of the strongest defensive ultimates, the Sound Barrier gives all of your nearby teammates 500 points of health of overheal. Meaning, if Tracer who has 250 health gets the Sound Barrier, she'll have 750 health. However, this overheal only lasts 6 seconds, so don't waste it. Lucio also needs to hit the ground in order to use the Sound Barrier, so don't use it and then jump off the side.

Lucio ultimate


As Lucio, your job is to stay alive. You need to stay near teammates and amplify your healing as necessary. Your healing crossfade is significantly more helpful than your speed boost. Keep using your primary fire just to keep damage pressure on the enemy team but you should not be trying to take anyone on by yourself. Use your Knock Back to disrupt enemies and keep them away from you.

In regards to your Sound Barrier, save it for when either your team or the enemy team is making a push. If everyone is coordinated, pop it to make sure the game doesn't go awry. A well coordinated series of ultimates in conjunction with the Sound Barrier can change the flow of a match.


Tips And Tricks For Playing Lucio

  • Use your Amplified Speed Boost right when the doors open to help your team get to their objective faster.
  • Since you can't focus your healing on any one hero in particular, what you can do is keep an eye out for anyone who is particularly low on health and Amplify your Healing Boost.
  • While Lucio will get more healing done than any individual healer, a Lucio+Mercy or Lucio+Ana combo can be very strong. Get general healing done with Lucio, and let Mercy or Ana focus on those who need it.

Heroes Lucio Is Best Against

Lucio really isn't designed for any form of combat; frankly out of all the Support heroes, he has the lowest damage output. That being said, slow heroes like Reinhardt, Roadhog, and D.Va aren't going to be able to do a lot against Lucio and you can knock them back pretty easily.

Counter-Heroes To Watch Out For


Symmetra, Bastion and Torbjorn can all set up traps for Lucio.

Junkrat's Steel Trap can screw Lucio over if you aren't looking at the ground.

Honestly, nearly every enemy is a threat since Lucio can't easily take anyone out.



Lucio is a great hero for new players to get started with, he's very easy to use and is always a great choice for your team's healer. If you have any of your own strategies for Lucio, leave a comment and let us know!

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