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Are you wondering how to kill a Slime in Breakwaters? There's a trick to killing these sticky enemies -- I'll tell you what you need to know to beat them!

Where is the Breakwaters Slime?

You can find the Breakwaters Slime on the Pine Island, the second island you visit after you've started the game. Once you've completed the first few short quests, you'll travel to another island with Pine Trees, a merchant, and several new hazards.

One of these new hazards are Slimes -- deadly enemies that appear invulnerable to all damage. You can swing your Crab Shell Axe or your Sword at it all day and you won't do a lick of damage. There is, however, a secret to beating these little buggers -- and it's totally worth it.

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How to Kill a Slime in Breakwaters

Here's how to kill a Slime in Breakwaters: lure it into water. No really, it's that easy -- you don't even have to swing your weapon once.

It makes sense in context; slimes are basically living gelatin and gelatin tends to not hold together all that well if you dumped it in water. That said, a cup of Jell-O usually won't try to murder you as the slimes in Breakwaters do.

Once you've attracted the attention of a Slime, move towards the nearest body of water (or throw a Refined Blue Crystal to make some). It will start to fall apart as soon as it hits the water. After it does, all you have to do is wait a short time and you can collect some Bones and the even more useful Green Jelly.

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What Can You Use Green Jelly For in Breakwaters?

Here's the bad news: Green Jelly only has a single use in Breakwaters in its Early Access launch. The good news, however, is that this can be used to make an incredibly useful item for your base.

The Solar Still will automatically generate water as long as the sun is up; it can reach a maximum capacity of two bottles of water. That's enough to almost completely hydrate early-game characters (and it's certainly nothing to sneeze at later in the game). Best of all, there's nothing stopping you from building multiple Solar Stills -- now that you know how to kill Slimes, you can make as many as you want.

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