Oceanic Survival Game Breakwaters Release Date Delayed

Published: November 9, 2021 9:39 AM /



To the disappointment of many action-adventure survival fanatics, the Breakwaters release date for Steam's Early Access program has been delayed from November 11, 2021, to December 9, 2021. This new Breakwaters release date comes at a particularly late moment, but hey, better a delayed game that's eventually good compared to a bad game that's forever, right?

Still, this probably is quite the bummer for those that have been looking to get away from Ark: Survival Evolved or The Forest (which has a sequel coming sometime in the future). Still, a month delay isn't too bad. We're still getting it this year after all, which is what Phillip Heckinger, the owner of Soaring Pixels, had to say:

We’re thrilled to see how much fun fans are having with single-player and online co-op during our closed beta, and we’re very excited for launch. But, based on some reports where players are running into critical online bugs, we have made the difficult decision to delay until December 9, 2021. Launching this month would not give fans the quality experience they deserve, and this is not what we want for Breakwaters,” said Soaring Pixels owner, Phillip Heckinger. 

“This extra time gives us the opportunity to investigate and test networking issues with the community. A bonus result is that it will allow the team time to improve the item-upgrade and mission content, meaning more content will be available at launch.”

They must have been very critical if they caused the Breakwaters release date to be delayed a month rather than a week or two. It's a good thing they were caught now rather than later.

The game itself, as expected, has online co-op and single-player, and uses an ocean simulator to create a unique open-world experience. This open-world experience ranges from defeating Titans as large as an island or Golems as big as a house. Players will also be able to craft items and boats, build structures that interact with the ocean simulation, gather crystals that be refined into said items, and explore a world that has procedural islands and unique biomes. 

Breakwaters will launch on December 9, 2021 for $20 on Steam's Early Access. Be sure to wishlist it here and stay tuned to TechRaptor for more on Breakerwaters when it releases next month.

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