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Published: January 6, 2021 11:00 AM /


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With a library of almost 500 games, Xbox Game Pass is practically a must-have for those who love trying different things all the time. You can catch up on games that you missed, try games that you've never heard of before, and even jump into some of the latest and most popular titles to see if they live up to the buzz. As one can probably imagine, Xbox Game Pass is also an excellent (and very cost-effective) way to boost up your Gamerscore.

Regardless of whether you're looking to get some Achievements for bragging rights, a sense of pride and accomplishment, or a quick and easy way to fulfill the occasional Microsoft Reward quest, Xbox Game Pass has no small number of games for rookie and veteran Achievement hunters alike. 

It can be daunting to try and figure out which of the games on Game Pass can get you a quick and easy 1000G though, so here are some of the easiest and quickest games to complete that are on the service right now. Be sure to look up a guide prior to starting a game for maximum efficiency.

What Remains of Edith Finch

This excellent indie game takes about four hours to complete, which is good news if you're looking for a quick completion on top of a good story. The downside is that most of What Remains of Edith Finch's Achievements are tied to doing very specific things in each chapter (i.e. clearing the pool table in Barbara's chapter), so you might not get a full completion on a blind playthrough. Fortunately, the game lets you replay individual chapters, making it very painless to mop up anything that you may have missed.

The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between is a rather interesting puzzle game that can be finished in a couple of hours on a blind playthrough, with most of the Achievements tied to story progression. There's a few "collectibles" sprinkled into the game that count for Achievements, but they aren't particularly difficult to find, especially with a guide. It's pretty straightforward in that sense (plus the story isn't bad either), so The Gardens Between is definitely a game to keep an eye on if you're Achievement hunting.

Call of the Sea

call of the sea
Next-gen visuals for next-gen Achievements 

As one of the few exclusives that launched alongside the Xbox Series X, you may have heard of Call of the Sea. It's worth playing for the story alone, but it's also a pretty good game for Achievement hunting. You can get about half of the Achievements by completing the roughly eight-hour-long main story. The rest of the Achievements are for getting the collectibles and viewing certain easter eggs, most of which you would've likely run into due to the relatively linear nature of the level design. 


As you can probably imagine, story-based point-and-click games are great for Achievement hunting because they're easy to play and somewhat linear. Astrologaster definitely falls into both categories, though it should be noted that if you want to get all of its Achievements in one shot, you're going to have to reach a specific ending with each character's story arc. 

The Walking Dead Series by Telltale Games

While they're a bit on the lengthy side, The Walking Dead series of games is very straightforward when it comes to getting Achievements. You literally just have to finish the story to get the full 1000G, and since they're basically point-and-click games you can easily get through them with no effort at all.

Fractured Minds

If you're looking for quick game completion, it's hard to compete with Fractured Minds. Likely the shortest game available on Xbox Game Pass, Fractured Minds can be finished within an hour, with all but three Achievements tied to completing its thought-provoking story. The non-story-related Achievements aren't particularly difficult to complete either and can be obtained entirely by accident on a blind playthrough. 

Tell Me Why

tell me why
No one said that boosting Gamerscore was supposed to be so emotional

If you're hoping for a more modern point-and-click story game to get Achievements in, then you don't really have to look much further than Tell Me WhyAs one would expect, the vast majority of the Achievements are story-based, so you can't miss them. The rest revolve around collectibles. There is one caveat in that there are a small handful of Achievements tied to obtaining the different endings, though you can skip the cutscenes if needed. Whether or not you want to skip the cutscenes is a different matter as the path to the different endings actually change the wonderful story to a fair degree. 


This fantastically creepy adventure game will take about 12 hours to fully complete, requiring at least three playthroughs of the story. It sounds a little lengthy, but the first playthrough is going to be the one that eats up the most time. The subsequent playthroughs are significantly faster as you should know the solutions to all the puzzles at that point, which means that outside of the two dozen or so collectibles, you're essentially just walking around.


Under normal circumstances, a full playthrough of Subnautica would take about 20 to 50 hours. Definitely not quick by any standards. However, unless you're averse to using console commands (available on both the Xbox and PC), you can cut that playtime down to about one or two hours. Assuming that the game and or your save doesn't glitch out, all you have to do is to give yourself a bunch of stuff, teleport around a bit to trigger the discovery- and story-related Achievements, then finish the game.

Don't Starve: Giant Edition

Survival games usually have abysmally difficult Achievements, mostly due to the fact that dying generally resets your progress, and Don't Starve is no exception. Fortunately, you can use console commands (PC only in this case) to just give yourself everything and make yourself invincible. The most time-consuming part of completing all of the game's Achievements would be activating the Accomploshrine 725 times, which can be done in minutes.

What are your picks for the best Game Pass titles for racking up Achievements? Let us know in the comments below.

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