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January 20, 2022 (Calendar)
Sports, Arcade
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The sequel to the 1994 cult-classic arcade sports game Windjammers by Data East, Windjammers 2 follows a revival of the franchise with Dotemu's work on the first game bringing it to modern consoles with online play.

The gameplay will be fast-paced but strategic, as players employ brand new mechanics and abilities into the field against their opponents. Master slapshots, jumps, smashes, and using powerful EX Moves to knock out the competition. Featuring a cast of returning characters, and some brand new ones thrown into the mix, where Windjammers 2 will really shine is with its online, PvP play, offering hours of entertainment for anyone looking to have a competitive edge. 

Windjammers 2 is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

Developer Quote

Windjammers 2 aims to continue that revitalization under Dotemu and here's a bit more from them about the game:

Windjammers 2 will combine everything fans love about the classic title with entirely hand-drawn 2D animations to create the ultimate windjamming experience. The coming sequel will bring new stages and players, surprising and amazing new power moves and enhanced gameplay mechanics!

Gorgeous hand-drawn 2D animations
Brand new characters and stages
New power moves
Enhanced online multiplayer gameplay modes
Local P