When the Past Was Around

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Toge Productions
Release Date
September 22, 2020 (Calendar)
Indie, Casual, Puzzle
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When the Past Was Around is a melancholic little game about self reflection by indie studio Mojiken. Play as Eda, a girl in her early 20's, who embarks on a small journey of self discovery.

Eda is described as a girl who has lost her way in finding love and achieving her dreams, until she met a figure known as The Owl, a man who would help her burn with passion and desire once more, but also teach her a hard lesson about heartbreak. Guide Eda through this tale about her and her lover in this surreal world consisting of disjointed rooms, fragmented memories, and lost time. Gather clues, solve puzzles, and find you way to unraveling the secrets between her and The Owl, leading to a moment of bittersweet victory for Eda. 

When the Past Was Around is available for the PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.