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Laughing Machines
Action RPG
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Undungeon is an action / roguelike / rpg under development by Laughing Machines, this being their debut title. It was greenlit by steam after a successful kickstarter campaign.

The game features a colorful, pixel art aesthetic within a scifi setting. Gameplay has the player exploring the wastelands of an Earth that has been ravaged by The Shift—an apocalyptic collapse of dimensions. The player gains new gear and abilities as they traverse the vast landscape, uncovering the story and unearthing lore. Progression includes finding, buying, and crafting new abilities and assigning new combinations of passive bonuses, with the player able to customize their loadout to best fit the situation. The narrative features a quest system, with both a main story quest and many side quests. 

Undungeon is expected to be released on Steam some time in Q4 2020. 

Developer Quote

Undungeon is an action role-playing experience that brings back the spirit of old school action/RPGs wrapped in modern design. Restore the order in the Multiverse, influencing not only the events of the present, but the future and the past as well.