Tiny Hands Adventure

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Blue Sunset Games
Release Date
August 3, 2018 (Calendar)
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Tiny Hands Adventure is a platformer adventure game developed and published by Blue Sunset Games. This dinosaur escapade's creation derives from inspiration from old-school classics, such as Crash Bandicoot.

Borti is merely a young T-Rex struggling with his odd-proportioned body. Yearning to improve his way of life, he seeks out into an array of various environments to uncover replacements for his petite arms and hands. Explore both 2D and 3D worlds riddled with obstacles and enemies of all shapes and sizes with the assistance of Lady Florella. If Borti truly wants to enhance his hands and arms though, he must collect orange gems and confront elemental Guardian bosses that possess the tools Borti needs. Other colored gems are collectible as well but are typically hidden in hard-to-reach places. If all the colored gems are acquired in a stage, a challenging mode unlocks for players to test their platformer skills.

Though the camera angles are a tad on the wonky side, they certainly aren't boring. Sometimes Borti side-scrolls through a 2D stage while other times, you view him in a 3D top-down perspective. Each level possesses a unique feature, rekindling the spark you may have lost by being discouraged. Partial-controller support is existent in Tiny Hands Adventure, so the button commands are typically responsive depending on the scenario. However, Blue Sunset Games offers players a mini tutorial at the start of a new game, but only with the predetermined keyboard controls. You are able to alter Borti's actions via the keyboard, but you cannot map the controller's buttons.

Tiny Hands Adventure is innovative in level design with its diverse environments and quirky obstacles. To unveil Borti's journey to a better life, travel through over twenty stages as the optimistic T-Rex and discover all that awaits for him and his little arms.