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Tuxedo Labs
Tuxedo Labs
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April 21, 2022 (Calendar)

Teardown is a physics sandbox game where you're tasked with completing increasing less legal jobs by any means necessary. Levels are created entirely from voxels, allowing for full destruction via a number of tools and vehicles.

Jobs can range from destroying certain buildings, stealing items, or avoiding detection as dangerous robots roam the streets. You can complete objectives in a number of ways, tearing down walls with a sledgehammer, explosives and more, creating platforms with wooden planks, and setting up escape vehicles ahead of time.

If you're after something more relaxing, then Teardown's Sandbox mode is for you. Free of mission objectives or story, you can make use of your unlocked tools to create mayhem at your own pace. This doesn't just stop at the base set of levels however, as the game also includes full modding support, with new levels and features available via the Steam Workshop.

Developer Quote

Plan the perfect heist using creative problem solving, brute force, and everything around you. Teardown features a fully destructible and truly interactive environment where player freedom and emergent gameplay are the driving mechanics.

Tear down walls with explosives or vehicles to create shortcuts no one thought was possible. Stack objects, build structures, or use floating objects to your advantage. Take your time to create an efficient path through the level, plan the heist and get ready to execute it.

Run, jump, drive, slingshot. Do whatever you need to collect targets, avoid robots or steal whatever your clients ask for. But make sure not to get caught!