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CBE software
CBE software
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May 5, 2020 (Calendar)
Adventure, Indie
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When faced with your inner demons, how far will you go for the sake of a loved one? In Someday You'll Return you play as Daniel, a skilled survivalist who's looking for his daughter that ran away. Your pursuit of her leads you to a place you swore never to return. Craft and repair items, concoct potions using flowers of mushrooms, interact with your environment, track footprints and climb walls. Use your smartphone to navigate using GPS, call someone or communicate via SMS, or simply use your mobile light. The Bohemian atmosphere of nature in the Czech Republic, captured by the developers in person in order to bring you its most beautiful scenic areas. Yet, in this beautifully haunted forest, what if your demons weren't so much on the inside after all?

Developer Quote

What would you do if your daughter never came home but you could track her down?

It’s not the first time she ran away. But you’re uneasy … this time feels so different. Long ago, you swore never to return here. And now, she has dragged you back. Your search leads deep into ancient Moravian forests and reveals secrets that should have stayed buried.

While your survival skills and quick wits might advance your search, malevolent forces rise up against you. There are nightmares you can’t fight and win. Some of them … could be yours.

Your character is Daniel, Stela’s father, who is forced by events to return to a place, he swore never to return. In the forest he will encounter peculiar people who will help him understand the true reason why Stela keeps running away. Someday You’ll Return deals with intimate concepts of fatherhood, fears, lies and refusal to accept one’s past. While the story contains strong horror elements it’s not always the most obvious monsters which are the most frightening.